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Women leave their mark on 2015 UPSC exams

The results of the United Provinces Service Commission examinations have been declared, and women seem to have made splashes this year. The top four positions have been bagged by stoic ladies who harbored steely determination and fiery passion in their hearts. All other buzz in the nation seems to have stopped for the moment to acknowledge this unprecedented show of intellect by women of the land.


Ira Singhal tops the UPSC exam, in what is not her first attempt. Ira suffers from scoliosis,which is the condition of having a bent spine. But her physical disability only strengthened her will to reappear for the examination till the time she got what she had set her eyes upon, inspite of having already cleared the exam. Ira was vying for rank 1 to fight back the problems she was facing in getting a posting in the India Revenue Services.

Renu Raj, a doctor from Kerela and Nidhi Taneja, an IRS officer from Delhi bagged the second and the third position. Vandana Rao, also from Delhi stood at the fourth position. These unabated achievements by the ladies of the nation stand to tell the tale of how being a woman is never a hurdle in the path of success, contrary to what has is usually conceived in India. If your will is sturdy, nothing in the world can be a roadblock to your success route.

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