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Will You Give a Christmas Gift that REALLY Matters?

You don’t have to be a Christian to truly understand and appreciate the meaning of Christmas; just a believer.

Religious connotations aside, the idea, spirit and concept of Christmas can be summarised in a single word ‘Sharing’.

Though books, movies and stories encourage us to share gifts with friends and family, do you want to knowingly fall into the trap of gifting something that can be brought from the stores, something which has countless copies all over the world, or give a present that really matters?

Have you guessed the most valuable gift you can give someone?

What is the one gift that you can never have enough of, and the gift that is the most valuable of all?

A gift that might not be the first thing you might want, but once you realise its importance, it will be the only thing you wish for?

A gift that has puzzled men and women for several millennia and yet left them longing for more?

The Gift of Knowledge. Information. Awareness.



Look Inside. And honestly answer the following questions:

Do you think you have more knowledge than your peers?

Do you feel insecure about the amount and value of knowledge that you have, and do you believe it is inadequate?

Are you afraid to trust others with the knowledge you have?

Think it over. No matter how you do it, once you begin to share what you know, and be willing to receive what others know, you’ll be a winner every time. So this Christmas, maybe gifting a book isn’t such bad idea to begin with! Better still; gift a book that belongs to you, that has your notes and ideas scribbled in it. If you don’t own a book, well, either you simply hope that your Secret Santa might get you one, or be your own Santa.

If Not Now, When?

Edunuts wishes you a warm and merry Christmas!

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