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What To Do After Graduation: Here’s A List Of Things!

What-after-college jingle starts playing from, approximately, the beginning of the final year. Though even after college this question remains equally perplexing for many.

Yes, deciding your next big move is a task in itself. A lot of students are not in a state to take this decision right after college. Choosing a career requires some time, musings, and exploration.

But there are some things that you/anyone can do immediately after college. You do not have to think much before starting on any of these things. You just have to “do them.”

Some of them are as easy as making yourself a coffee. And the one’s that are not easy are fairly interesting. You can and should do these things irrespective of the career you choose.

  • Learn New Skills

Learn new skills - what to do after graduation

This is an ideal time to learn some new skills. Figure out the things you always wished to learn.

It can be anything. If you are a dance lover, learn a new dance form. Work on your communication skills. Learn yoga, aerobics, or anything that you love.

If money is your concern, there are many free online courses and apps to your service. For example, you can easily learn a new foreign language by spending only 10-15 minutes daily on Duolingo.

Easy, isn’t it?

Learning a new skill will take your confidence to another level. The best part is any of the skills that you learn is going to make your resume look even more attractive.

  • Get A Linkedin Profile

Set up linkedin account - what to do after graduation

First off, create a Linkedin profile, if you do not have one. Those who already have one please clean and organise it. Your Linkedin profile should be in alignment with your resume.

Update it right away, if you want to get noticed by recruiters. Linkedin is the best platform to flaunt every skill that you know and every project or internship that you have done. Many recruiters are using Linkedin to hire talented individuals. Also, your Linkedin profile gives an impression that you are active and technologically advanced.

However, having an incomplete and unorganised profile can have negative impacts. So, please update it on a regular basis.

  • Travel

Travel - what to do after graduation

Travel a lot!

Now, when it comes to travel money is the biggest concern for many. You have just graduated; at this point of time even buying your own food seems like a long way to go.

But as soon as you find a job, whether it is a part-time or full-time job, start saving for your travel. Travel as much as you can, travel as much as you can afford.

Rather than saving for swanky phones or watches, save to travel. When you will look back at your life after ten years or so, you will feel elated about the places that you have been to and the people that you have met there, and not about the mobile phones or watches that you bought.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”  

These few words by Mark Twain give enormous reasons to travel. Travelling opens your mind and eyes. It lets you understand life in its true sense. It transforms you into a content and happy person. Your travel memories are something you would cherish for life.

  • Become Independent

Become Independent, what to do after graduation

What’s the rush?

You are already an adult. You take your own decisions or at least you want to. And yes, you absolutely have the right. And this is why you need to become financially independent. Financial independence will only foster your emotional independence.

Yes, finding big bucks paying job straightaway after college doesn’t happen to everyone. But, there are a lot of jobs that will credit enough money in your bank account to pay for your food, conveyance, travel, and hobby courses.

Becoming independent gives you the confidence to take your own decisions. If you haven’t yet figured out what sort of job you wish considering your long-term goals, take up any part-time job. You can become a part-time tutor. You can work with a restaurant. You can work with a BPO. Try to look for a job that along with paying you also enhances your skills. Even if you are going for further studies, try to find a part-time job that suits your schedule.

You can also add these part-time or short-term job experiences to your resume.

  • Retain Your Contacts

Retain your contacts after graduation

College and school are the times when we make the best of friends.  After college, we do not realise when we gradually and unintentionally start losing many of our contacts.

But if you are careful in advance, it would never happen. Do not let your ego, slothful attitude, and busy schedule banish your quality friends from your life.

After college, the process of making friends becomes really slow. You mainly meet new people at the office. The place where you will always be loaded with work and work pressure.

While keeping in touch with your old friends will help you stay positive and happy, keeping in touch with your professors will help you in getting career guidance at any difficult time.

So, whether you are pursuing Master’s, planning to take up a job, or are still undecided, do consider these 5 things. No matter what you do these things will uplift your confidence, your career, and your personality. Most interestingly, you will never regret doing any of these things, for sure.

Each one of you must give it a thought. Good Luck!! Make the best use of your time.

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