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7 Successful Ways To Improve Speaking Skills

7 Successful Ways To Improve Speaking Skills

In the world where people interact, exchange information, and give opinions-conversation is the most important tool that relays it. It needs to be effective. It is like a jewelry that one needs to wear every day & it should shine. 

Your speech is the porter to your knowledge. It helps you exhibit and express your thoughts to the world in a significant manner.  To add value to your opinions you need to learn techniques to improve speaking skills . If you want your voice to be heard in millions you need to master the art of speaking. To express your thoughts and feeling through your speech you need to improve speaking skills.

But we often wonder how to to improve speech clarity and quality?

Big things are achieved only by rigorous practice & determination. Some call it passion, some call it madness.  But, to advertise yourself to the world, this tool is a must. 

Here are 7 helpful ways that should follow for speech improvement.

These techniques, if followed wisely, will help you gain benefits equivalent to a voice improver.

  • Breathe, Think, and Speak

Breathe Till Abdomen to improve speaking skills

 It is very important to give time to speak and arrange your thoughts in a decorative way. We often try to hustle up while speaking as if we are throwing the words away. Words need delicacy & for that, you need to calm down & breathe completely.

It is psychologically proven that breathing plays an important part to let you think more effectively as it nullifies the distortion waves in the sea of our mind. When you speak so fast, it also shows that you are trying to end the conversation as you want to escape from it. It lasts a bad impression to the listener. 

  • Watch Out Your Posture

Many of us feel quite uncomfortable to make an eye contact while talking. Your body posture should say something in coherence with the topic you are discussing. Also, physical appearance plays an important role to enhance your speaking skills. More active you are while speaking, more weight it puts in. Therefore, it is very important to have an eye contact as it shows your inclination towards the listener.

Now the question comes how to improve speech clarity by maintaining ourselves?

This can be learnt very easily. Here is the technique:

“Focus on one eye for 5 seconds, change to the other for 5 seconds & focus on forehead for the next 5 seconds. Repeat this throughout your conversation.”

Practice this technique and you will see wonderful results. Life is all about experimenting. Do it.

  • Taking a Pause is Normal

We all have felt some long pauses between the conversation & we feel quite awkward. There is no need to panic & feel like that. It is good to remain silent for a while than to speak unnecessarily.

You need to get rid of these fillers & empty spaces between the conversations. Use this time to think a question that develops empathy between you & your listener.

Rather than talking about factual knowledge, talk about opinions paying pull attention to it. It develops the power of dissent & spare you to become a bigot. We, youth need it very much.

  • Don’t Multitask

Don’t Multitask to improve speech clarity


It’s bad to multitask while speaking. It lasts a very bad impression on the listener. It shows disrespect and lack of interest. Pay full attention to the words you are using and to whom you are talking. Put all the distractions away while speaking like mobile phones, pads etc.

  • Use Concise Sentences

Long sentences create a feeling of boredom & people tend to loose interest. Speaking is like advertising yourself & you have to persuade them anyhow & all you have is the power of words you choose.

Observation says that a speaker’s potential can be measured in the first 10 seconds of his speech. You need to be very specific with your words to woo the listener. One tool that you can use is to tailor your words according to the audience you are in conversation with. It comes with practice.

  • Get Rid of Negations & Observe

Get Rid of Negations & Observe to improve speech clarity

Whining brings a dying out effect in the conversation & it dies out exponentially, trust me. When you use the word “not” so often in your speech, you automatically reduce its life to half.

No one will be willing to talk to you if you negate things. Everyone needs a participating person to have a conversation. To be able to a healthy partner in the conversation, you should develop a hobby of observing things in the nature & you environment. It help you to explore things & come up with topics to initiate conversations.

  • Listen

Listen to improve speech clarity

The best part of any conversation is to listen to the other person. It is the most important trait that you need to develop while practicing the way you speak. Speaking without listening is like running a parallel line which will not meet its counterpart ever. There should be a sync between a speaker and a listener, otherwise, it all goes in vain.

We live in a world where people are trying to get the best out of them & speaking in a fashioned way aids them to achieve what they want. It is very important to know how you want to design your life while you to explore. And for that you need to interact with the world.

Here’s a quick look:

Infographic on 7 Successful Ways To Improve Speaking Skills

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