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Top Career Options In English Literature: Unheard And Underplayed

Career Options In English Literature

After acquiring a degree in English literature/language, many sit confused thinking- “what next.” Anyone with an English degree will tell you that picking this major can lead to a lot skeptical questions:

“What kind of a job can you really get with an English degree?”

“How much scope does it have in future?,” and so on..

A degree in English, in Literature or Language, is a particularly good bet for future proofing. A good command over the language gives you an edge as-

  •  English majors know how to communicate and that is a vital talent for all kinds of jobs.
  • You write well, organize ideas in a logical way, and create strong arguments.
  • Add analytical thinking, a good measure of ingenuity, and astounding research skills. And you have all the makings of a great career.

Business, education, government, and research, to publishing, entertainment, media, and communication, there is not any field that’s left untouched by us.

If you have been looking for the career options other than the familiar ones then you are at the right place. Here we have enlisted some of the exciting and not-so-explored job profiles that could actually interest you. Besides, they’ll lead a way towards the new foundation of your wholesome career.

So, have a look at the following top career options that one can choose after completing their bachelor’s or master’s in English literature/language.

After Bachelor’s

  • Paralegal – Upkeep lawyers by doing research and paperwork in their cases.
  • COO – Direct a company’s daily affairs as it’s second-in-command.
  • Film Narrator – Make the final narrative decision on a movie by choosing the scene order.
  • Advertising Manager – Develop ad campaigns by managing one or all areas of an ad department.
  • Public Relation’s Manager  Nurture a strong and appealing industry network. Create an enviable image by developing and executing effective communication and media relation programs.
  • Copywriter  Deliver the words and the verbal content that accompanies the visual elements to develop the advertising concepts.
  • Screenwriter  Work with the directors and producers to write scripts for movies and TV shows.
  • Internet Reputation Manager  Come up with a plan to clean up search engine results and reach out to unsatisfied customers.
  • Newspaper Editor – Manage the style and content of printed publications. Check the overall editorial direction of a publication, or you can be responsible for an individual section.
  • Court interpreter –Help non English suspects and witnesses follow court proceedings.
  • Acquisitions Editor – Be responsible for acquiring and developing content that publishers can market profitably. Review unsolicited manuscripts from authors to evaluate the commercial potential of the proposal, or approach authors to take on projects that the organization wishes to publish.
  • Associate Producer – Duties may include writing, editing, organizing scripts, running the teleprompter in newscasts, or helping the editor by making beat calls.
  • Lyricist – Be responsible for writing the words for songs to tell a story, entertain, seize emotion, or teach a lesson. Composing, editing, and arranging lyrics.
  • Institutional Grant Writer – Developing and writing grant proposals to federal, state, and private organizations & foundations, and communicating persuasively.

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After Master’s

  • School Counselor – Work with elementary, middle, and/or high schools to provide academic, career, college readiness, and personal/social competencies to all students through a school counseling program.
  • Art Conservator – Restore, maintain, or prepare objects in museum collections for storage, research, or exhibit. May work with specimens such as fossils, skeletal parts, or botanicals; or artifacts, textiles, or art. Identify and record objects or install and arrange them in exhibits. Includes book or document conservators.
  • Middle School Principal
  • Gallery Director – Be responsible for establishing the artistic policy of a gallery and managing its day-to-day operations, work in public or private galleries. Take responsibility for both permanent collections and artwork for specific exhibitions.
  • Film Archivist Appraise, edit, and direct safekeeping of permanent records and historically valuable documents. Participate in research activities based on archival materials.

We hope the few above mentioned career choices are obliging to you.

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