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7 Snappy Tips To Concentrate On Studies

When you are not studying, you are making serious plans for studying.

But, when you sit down to study, none of them seems to work.

Tips to concentrate on studies

All of your profound plans yield to the amusements of  mobile apps and social networking platforms. And, then you have to drink water and go to the loo. And sleep (even the most insomniac ones feel an inescapable urge).

You find it enchanting to stare at and analyze the affairs of anything, from a two-bit housefly to a passive door.

But, you never give up.

You make a new plan. And, sometimes you manage to stick to it for more or less a week.


I know you are having a tough time dealing with these distractions and you want to concentrate on your books. You just don’t know how.


So, why not check out these 7 smart tips to concentrate on studies?

  1. Overpower the Apps and Social Networking Sites’ Fad

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Whatsapp. Pinterest. Hike. Snapchat. Tinder.

The list is jumbo. And the purpose hazy.

You already know it.

But, how to debar from it?

Try these quick and easy tips:

  • Log out from all of your social media and other app accounts. The need to type the username and password, each time, will make you think at least twice before surrendering to these authorities.
  • If you’re not using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for the purpose of studying, hand over it to your mother or father, or put it somewhere far off. At least not in the room where you’ll be studying.
  • Set small targets- For instance, if you manage to continuously study for 2 hours, you can treat yourself with 10 minutes of Facebooking, or a phone call, or anything that you love.
  • Put your phone on Airplane mode.
  1. Organize Your Study Area before You Start

Just after 5 minutes of starting your study session, you realize that you’ll need your notebook that must be somewhere in the living room. After another 15 minutes, you find out that you forgot to bring the calculator from your parents’ room.

And, you spend a good amount of time moving around the house to bring the book, the notebook, a pen, etc.

If you’re a prey to any such habit, stop it at once.

What you can do to elude it- Organize your study space before sitting down to study. Bring out everything- book, notebook, pen, calculator, or any other thing that you will need. Imagine that you are going to a library, and you can’t afford to forget anything home; that will waste a lot of time.

  1. Utilize the stretch time the right way

Taking breaks between the study sessions- that used to be my favourite part of the entire study spell 😀

But, I just recently realized that I’ve been using those breaks the wrong way, all my life.

Sometimes, I spent it watching my favourite TV show, and thought that in the next ad break I’ll leave the remote and sit for another study session. But, even after the 5th ad break, I found it hard to quit the scene.

The other times, I would call a friend and  jabber for hours, without realizing I called her to pass my 10 minutes break -_-.

Damn! I frittered so much of time.

Anyway, you wouldn’t want to do that, would you? So, do not end up squandering your 10-15 minutes study break on TV, Facebooking, chatting, etc. If you do, you’ll waste a lot of time.

The three best ways to make the most out of your study break:

  • Stretch your body and take a small walk (but, do not end up exhausting yourself)
  • Meditate or perform bhramari pranayam (they will send away all the anxiety and stress)
  • Make yourself a lemonade, a cup of tea, coffee, or green tea, and sip it sitting in a quiet place, like your balcony or terrace (if the weather is lovely, this one will certainly rejuvenate you)
  1. Choose the right place

Many of us prefer our bedrooms for studying, don’t we?

And that’s not the problem.

The problem is the distractions lying there. If you study in your bedroom, make sure it’s free of distractions like a TV, computer, internet, or a roommate (if you live in a hostel or a rented apartment).

If it is not possible to free your room of these distractions, you need to change your study space.

Library. A coffee shop. A park. Balcony. A friend (who you usually study with)’s house. Terrace.

You have so many options. However, library is yet the best place to study. The atmosphere there is perfect for studying. Also, being surrounded by so many geeks will instill a sense of healthy competition in you.

  1. Yoga. Meditation.

I am not talking about the muscle-building and tummy-tucking one’s here.

But, the basic yet nifty ones.

You can try these simple activities.

  • Just sit at any quiet place with your back erect. Close your eyes. Feel your breath as you inhale and exhale. Do it for 10-15 minutes.
  • If you find it hard to concentrate on your breathe, play a mild meditation music piece (there are many available on youtube). Plug in your earphones. Ideal time for the exercise would be 10-15 minutes (considering your busy schedule).
  • Bhramari Pranayam or the Humming Bee Breathing Techniquethis one’s my favourite. I do it every morning. Just 10 minutes of this soothing exercise cut down stress and bring in positive energy and motivation. But, before you do this, make sure you know the right technique.
  1. Shun Overeating

It induces sleep and makes you unhealthy.

In fact, I’ve barely heard of any benefits of eating too much. So, teach your taste buds the art of self-denial, and switch to healthy eating.

There are various ways to abstain from overeating.  Drink more water (at least 8-10). Instead of gorging on potato chips bags resort to healthy snacks like almonds, walnuts, sprouts, coconut chips, fruit salads, smoothies, juices, shakes, etc. It will squash your cravings to binge on a cheeseburger or a coke.

  1. Play Background Music

I know you’ve been asked to stay away from all sort of gadgets.

But, if you can put your phone on airplane mode and play a soft background music, that isn’t a bad idea.

However, make sure the music is not loud and peppy but neutral and soothing.

So, try these interesting and smart tips to kick out all the distractions from your study session. And, then, I am sure, you’ll do great!

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