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7 Far-Reaching Tips For Ambivert College Students

Tips for ambivert college students

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Everyone needs energy and enthusiasm to accomplish their tasks and live happily. We get energy from food, but where do we get enthusiasm? Well, that depends on the very nature of a person and the environment he has chosen. Some people harness maximum energy when they are around other people. While some are fond of solitude.

There is also a third kind that lies in the middle of these two extremes of extroversion scale called ambiverts. In fact, this is the kind that exists in majority. According to a recent survey, over 65% of population falls in this category. Where do you find yourself? Confused?

Well, I have an answer for you.

If you like to have people around you, and at the same time, you need time for yourself to contemplate over your decisions. You are an ambivert. You are one among the confused creatures on this planet who are trying to know themselves. You often get inquisitive to either judge or perceive things and it usually happens during the college days when you just got past your adolescence and started the “soldier age” of your life.

Here are 7 interesting tips for ambivert college students:

  • Accept Yourself

Calm down and accept yourself!

There is constant anxiety over our decisions and the environment we choose to live in. We often try to switch ourselves between the two extremities. It is necessary to know yourself and work on your weaknesses to get better. Rather, it is a gift that you have both- the power of extroversion & introversion. All you need is to shape these powers in a better way.

It is a historical effect that the man of action has always been chosen over the man of contemplation. And our society has shaped itself in that way. But now, that effect has faded away as the action with contemplation completes a person. So, accept yourself.

  • Nurture Yourself

Don’t survive but thrive with your personality. Choose an environment that suits you and open its gates to revere and nurture your skills. Being in an effective environment makes you to perceive things better and reflect upon your choices in solitude.  Be it a club or society in your college or a group of similar interests, choose them wisely and spend time with them.

  • Don’t Be The Jack of All Trades

Don’t say YES to everything that comes your way. Your extrovert behaviour tends to be indulged in something every time. It doesn’t think about pro and cons of it. Call your introversion and try to resonate your natural strength with social interaction. You have an edge over extroverts to think more deeply. And you come out with a descriptive solution. This practice also enhances your decisive as well as persuasive power.

  • You Can Be A Good Leader

A leader is someone who binds the execution with the vision of mind. He thinks, takes decisions and acts accordingly. He is an extrovert to the world and introvert to himself. All the leaders in the world call themselves ambiverts as this is the very personality that has made them what they are. You can be a leader if you respect your personality. All you need is to manage between the two. 

  • Read & Reflect

read and reflect- tips for ambivert

To take and action, you need to have knowledge and we call it wisdom. To be a man of action, you need to get ideas and you can only get these ideas from the books you read. The most important habit an ambivert can develop is reading. It fuels him to reflect his actions.

It develops his observation skills and the power to find coherence in nature. From Mahatma Gandhi to Khaled Hussein- great writers have wonders in their ideas, read them.

  • Be A Situational Introvert

Practice it! Practice when to speak and when not to. It is a great habit that a wise person pursue. You need to choose the environment, think about the situation and speak accordingly. It makes you a great listener too.

  • Respect The Introvert Inside You

It is not bad to be alone some times. Many great ideas came to great minds in solitude. Be it Darwin or Telsa. This very behaviour has fuelled their creativity. Respect it!

I hope that you have satisfactorily placed yourself in this category. It is very important to know yourself and reflect upon your choices. You have such an amazing trait that can harmonise between the two personality behaviours and can come up with a beautifully designed life.

While sitting at my desk in the office, I can say that college time is indeed the most precious time of your life, know it, think upon it & act! In the meantime, you can study about this personality study.

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