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This Is Our Want For Security, Not Indian Education System’s Fault

Indian Education System

How does blaming helps and will make anything better?

When we begin to talk or write about the education system of India, we give a list of the faults and definite thoughts explaining how our education system is just not right.

I was reading the answers on quora about our education system, where almost every answer was a complaint and how we use our parents/system/professors/examination system as an insurance policy to justify future failures.

Because we are supposedly raised in a way where we find escapes and slay how everything that our system is faulty. We often blame how we have been taught and how the teachers and the wrong pattern has always affected our growth in every sector. But let me ask the question again that has been paraphrased and asked multiple times – “what is wrong with Indian education system?”

Alright, What is “wrong”? Wrongness needs a context here. What are the commonly agreed goals of the Indian education system? We may think we intuitively know this but, do we? How would we measure these goals? Then there is a presumption of “wrong” – how do we already know we are bad against these measures?

Here I am trying to mention a few points why the change in us as a society is much needed than the  expected change in  our education system.

Indian Definition of Success

The standard definition of success in our society is very myopic, getting into a top B-school or IIT is the ladder to success and a proof of a sane mind, accordingly. We run after short sighted happy work cultures, which may pay us well but never fill many of our souls. Besides, they are widely appreciated by the rulers of the society and samaaj. Who are we trying to define our success and growth.

The Conformists At High Importance

The convention of our society is to get the confirmation from everyone who may be/is earning well somewhere or is old enough to tell you about what is  the right career choice for you. There is no way you can get out of this situation in India, and then we complain about the quality of education we receive. Choose yourself what do you want to do, take a stand,  and word hard to get it.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

We need to get a simple thing in our heads, this simple fact that not everyone has a knack for doing a particular thing that is in the trend. Choosing something out of the way doesn’t make someone less sane, please. We have different and unique body structures. We are not born doppelgangers when it comes to chose what we want to do with our life or with our career choices.

It’s All About Exam Scores

The moment our society will stop judging a person’s wealth and healthy survival on the basis of the grades and scores, but as a mature working person who is following his/her passion with a peace of mind, then we’d get any right to complain about the fault in our education system.

Almost Zero Encouragement For Extra Curriculars

Tell me how many opportunities in your school you missed because you think you weren’t good enough, confident enough or your parents just said, ‘ye sab faltu hai, tu padhai pe dhyan de apni’ and you lost even that little desire of trying.  I know you could relate to it, but tell me honestly, didn’t it happen? It did happen to me and still does.

So, who needs to change?  And then some of us will say ghastly “But it does not matter for the 10th standard” Which is OK, but how is that a ‘system’ problem? I do not say everybody does this, but many people who complain are usually the ones who did not participate anyway. And the ones who did, seldom complained. It’s never all or none..it’s about the majority.

The Serious Discussion About The Streams

I know this gives you a flashback of the times when you were to chose your stream because your whole life and career depends on it. And about choosing the streams, you cannot, just cannot, choose what you want because science is definitely the best choice if you have scored well in class 10 and arts is for the low scorers.

Why can’t you chose what you want irrespective of the fear of judgement and following what everyone else is? If we really believe that scores in a flawed and rotten education system are not a reflection of our actual potential, then why do we suddenly change tracks?

And the most important one,

Some of Us Try. Most of Us Don’t

The only proof of truly wanting something is trying our level best to, actually, DO it! But we are OK to quickly give up on our desires, as long as we can find some witty cartoons, write-ups, friends, arguments to conclude that it was not OUR fault.

Is this a desire, or just a fantasy?

We shall start working on ourselves first by teaching our children a simple thing ‘follow your dreams and we have got your back kid.’

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