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Teaching: The Most Respected And Safe Profession?


I was watching the news that’s in headlines for past few days about how two students of a Government school killed their teacher. Many reasons and statements have been stated about the reported crime. This could be seen and analysed in many directions.

First handily, I was questioning our authorities. But, you know, opinions change if we see things diversely and try to look into every perspective and then opinionate. The diverse ideas and emotions will always be conflicting with each other.

All right, now that these students have killed the legit teacher who was doing  something more than his  job. Because yes, the profession is yet another profession nowadays. One more issue has been reported that a principal of another government school has been already beaten up by a few students. And was threatened to death twice.

And, adding to that my mother, who is a teacher, heard these kids (students) talking among themselves after the reported incidents – ‘ yahi hoga teachers ke saath ab, aaj ek ko maara hai dekho ham kal kitno ko maarte hai.’

We cannot understand the threat, but only the people and their families who live under it.

Biased statements never help to change the current scenario, but one should ask questions. That’d help a lot.

गुरु गोविंद दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूँ पाँय |

बलिहारी गुरु आपने, गोविंद दियो बताय ||

– कबीर

A teacher is subjected to be the change maker and is supposedly put before God, and what we see today is a complete different take of what saint kabir said. This is happening and will not stop happening until we tell and teach our children about respecting their elders and teachers. And set an example by respecting the teachers ourselves equally.

The honest things that came to my mind were few and questioning the authorities straight to get answers-

  • What is actually up with our initial education system, what does it want?
  • How do you teach a child initially if you cannot tell them, in any possible way, about how and why education is important to grow as a person?
  • How is not failing or scolding a child for their grades initially is helping in raising them?
  • Where teacher is ‘the teacher’?
  • How do they know students are learning if the teachers do not have the authority to fail?
  • What is the role of parents?
  • Why do we not have initial and continuous psychology sessions with guardian-teacher-student?

Basic reasons why one chooses the profession of a teacher except for the job security, respect and how safe it is –

  • S/he want to make a change, and obviously loves kids.
  • Wish for the happier and educated India.
  • Want to help in the initial upliftment of the country.

Any thought provoking ideas or statements aren’t handled wisely all the time, and how do we expect the students to get them when the elders cannot.

While we have been talking about what is going wrong with the teachers we cannot completely ignore the fact how some people have done injustice to the profession, that has solemnly lead to these circumstances. I am not saying the whole teacher community or the guardians are wrong.

We need to take a step together, come up front and save our society.

Belive me, together we can.

Imagine our India without teachers, what would we do?

There will be no developed India without teachers. They make us who we all are and we become.

The education minister of Delhi, Mr. Manish sisodia’s tweet :


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