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Teachers’ Day: A Salute to the Masters

To mark the event of Teachers’ Day, we thought of revisiting the friends, philosophers and guides who made us what we are today! So we asked the people in the Edunuts team, about their favourite teachers, and let’s just say, English and Mathematics teachers are on everyones’ list! But, one thing seems abundantly clear, teachers inspire us in ways that are hard to articulate, and even harder to realise.

Read the accounts of some of the core members of the Edunuts team, about why their favourite teacher is their favourite teacher, and share back your own stories!


Taken with Lumia SelfieAman Jakhar (Data Processing Team)
I studied in Salwan Boys School, in Karol Bagh and my favourite teacher is Neelam Ma’am. She used to be my class teacher, and was extremely nice to me, because even though I missed a lot of classes due to my participation in sports, particularly cricket, she never marked me absent. She always used to encourage me to work hard, and constantly said, “Aman, mehnet kar bahut aage jayega“. But with all the adulation, she was pretty strict when it came to studies. I remember she slapped me once, because I wasn’t concentrating in her class. Since she was my English teacher, she was extremely well-read, and informed. She always used to protect the students’ interests, no matter what. She has helped me become the person I am today.

Astha Mishra (HR Associate)

It was the first day of my school. My mom made me sit on the first bench next to an unknown kid. I cried out loud when she left the class. I remember running out of the class searching for my Mom’s class. She used to teach in the same school. I always found a reason to run out of the class, crying, and go to mom, telling her to ask my teacher, not to give me any home work. But, my mom always held my hand and took me back to the class, and asked me to respect my teacher by sitting inside the class.

She has always been my only guide, my only mentor. She not only made every subject easy, but she made the journey of my life beautiful. She has taught me to be a positive person. She has taught me to be who I am today. If I tell her that I won’t be able to do it, she always says I can. I tell her that you overestimate my abilities, she says I underestimate mine. She is all good things in one. She is a teacher to me. She is a mother to me. Happy Teachers’ Day, mom.

1558549_565192163570163_901372747_nKaran Makan (Manager – Data Analytics)

Teachers are the cornerstones of our future and act as a foundation for creating good human beings. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Jaya Kasan, she taught me English in school. She is really a great teacher, not only because she is well-read and knows how to transfer that knowledge, but more importantly, because she is a great person. She always motivated me to work hard and pursue whatever I loved. Panic before exams is a natural startling reaction that every student has in school, but she was always used to handle panic-stricken students, including myself, in the most gentle, kind and reassuring manner. She gave personal undivided attention to  every student and really groomed us to be a better individual in life. I will be forever indebted to you, so thanks ma’am!

Kunal Asija (Data & Research Analyst)

FullSizeRenderMy favorite teacher from school was Mr. K.P. Singh. He was our Math teacher. He was also the principal of our school. Everyone use to call him Mr. Singh. Since Mathematics was my favourite subject at the time, Mr. Singh automatically became my favourite teacher. During the 2 years that he taught me, I used to score better than other subjects, simply because his way of teaching was different, effective and really simple. He made complex formulas and boring steps easy to grasp, and fun to follow! I scored an 87 in my 12th Boards mostly because of him. Mr. Singh is the best teacher I have ever come across in my life!

Indraneel Biswas (Data Processing Team)
During last the twenty years I have come across many teachers, but when I look back I find one of them standing apart from others. He is Mr. Subhasish Kumar Das who taught us History and Sanskrit. He is an exceptional teacher who not only excelled in his own subjects but also had profound knowledge and information about other subjects as well. His way of teaching ensured each student genuinely cultivated interest towards the subject. He fueled my interest towards history. I think it is his influence, that despite being a science student presently, I have a deep rooted interest in history as well. I have been really lucky to have him as my teacher and even though I haven’t been in his touch for many years, the sense of respect and awe I have for him hasn’t diminished a bit. That is the kind of teacher and man he is.

PicPreeti Tanwar (Research Associate)

I would like to share an experience when I was studying in Masters in 2013. We had Prof. Sandeep Sharma teaching us Micro-Controller. He is one of the best professors in our University. He is a visionary, strict and punctual teacher. Before semester starts, he prepared the schedule for the entire semester. Before commencing each class, he would ask critical questions and assess understanding of the subject. That was for the first time when I realized how a great teacher prepares himself for teaching and how preparing the student for acquisition of knowledge is no easy task. He inspires me till date. He always said this one thing to all students “Respect Time and Time will Respect You”. In time I realized that Prof. Sharma was not only a great teacher but also a fantastic Guide. I wish him, and all the other fantastic teacher of this country, the very best!

DSC05886-2Richa Oberoi (Research Associate)

We meet a lot of people in school, the staff, classmates, principal, and most importantly, the teachers who play an exceptionally important part in our life. In my school, we had the most adorable lot of teachers, a dream team of sorts. I, personally respect and miss each of them, but there is this is one person, who stood out for me in every situation, be it school or my personal life. I can (till date) go and cry to her or talk to her for the smallest or most trivial things that happen to me.
Mrs. Suman Rajkumar Tripathi, ma’am YOU changed my life in possibly the most positive way. You were always there for me like a friend, an elder sister, or as my mother in most of the cases, for which I can never thank you enough.
And this is (in my view), the best gift I can give you, and I hope you read this.
Happy Teachers’ Day Ma’am!
You’re amazing.

picSunil Kumar (SEO Associate)

My favorite teacher is my Mathematics teacher from school because he is intelligent, full of knowledge, and more importantly used to explain everything extremely clearly. In my opinion the best teacher is the one who listens to all of his students, and that is precisely what he did. He was undoubtedly, the best teacher in my School.

PicsArt_1440047210432Vishal Tolani (Data Processing Team)

During my school, my favourite teacher was my English teacher. She was extremely helpful and supportive towards all the students and specially with me. She used to neglect all my mischief and pranks. Most of the times, she treated me as a son. I realised way back that she was as amazing teacher, and since then, she has continued to inspire me, better me and help me impove, and honestly, I have never quite found a teacher like her in my entire life.

unnamedRaj Ankur (Product Manager)
I’m not good at writing poems, otherwise it would have been the most amazing ode to the best teacher in the world, Ms. Sunita Dhariwal Ma’am, who taught me Mathematics in school. She was the one who was unanimously liked by all the students in my class, because of her charismatic personality, quality teaching and a gentle human nature which gave us all, the confidence and a million reasons to love mathematics. I think we all learn something or the other, from every teacher we’ve ever had in our life, but for me she is extremely important and special, as she is one of the reasons why I became a programmer and the person that I am today.
Ever Garrison once said “A teacher is a compass that activates the magnet of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupils”. This is probably the best way I can explain how she has positively influenced and shaped my life. Thank you ma’am, you’re the best teacher ever!

904671_10201071628290533_510308867_oManav Seth

There are several teachers whom I remember fondly, and will forever be thankful to, for they all contribute to who I am as a person today, and each of them has helped me grow in the formative years of my life, but if I had to name one (on a gun-point) it would have to be Ms. Rashi Oberoi, my High School Social Sciences teacher. In fact, to say that she has been a teacher would be misleading. She has been an adviser, a guide, a career counsellor and I don’t-even-know-what to me. However, I can say this with surety, there is no teacher like her. She is not the one to be bogged down with administrative shackles or incumbency, and does beyond what is expected of her, not only to teach the students in her class, but to ensure their (for the lack of a better word) holistic development. The fact that students who have passed out years ago, still remember her with the same sentiment of respect, love and admiration proves her greatness as a teacher, a mentor and a human being! Ma’am, you probably don’t realise how many lives you have touched and how many students you have helped grow into better people, and for that, THANK YOU!

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