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Students in English-Medium Schools grow multifold

Up until about six years back, only two of Delhi’s nine districts had more students in English medium schools than in Hindi medium ones. Today, the tables have turned completely, and only three districts now have more Hindi medium students than English medium ones.

Overall, Delhi still has as many students opting for English education, as those opting for Hindi, with a minute difference of 53,000. The share of students studying in English medium has increased from 37% in 2008-09 to almost 49% by 2013-14. During the same duration, the total enrollment in Hindi medium schools fell by over 1.4 lakh, while the enrollment in English medium schools rose by almost 4.5 lakh. New Delhi (the district) has about 80% students in English medium, followed by South West Delhi (64%) and East Delhi (56%). However, the districts that lagged behind were North East (35%), North West and North (both 42%). These findings are recently revealed by District Information System for Education (DISE) of the National University of Education Planning and Administration. Interesting to note is the trend that, two of the districts with the least proportion of children in English medium schools, North East and North, have shown the highest growth in enrollment in English medium schools, about 90% and 64% respectively.

The share of students studying in English medium has increased from 37% in 2008-09 to almost 49% by 2013-14. (Image Source:

In another finding, most districts that show high enrollment in English medium schools are also those with a large proportion of private schools such as East and South West where there are almost as many private schools as government schools. However, in New Delhi district, a relatively small district with just 98 schools and with the highest proportion of English medium students, the number of government schools is higher, 58, compared to just 40 private schools.

(Image Source)

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