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11 Helpful Social Media Tips For College Students

Social Media Tips For Students

Social media is changing our lives. The most significant impact is to be seen on the young generation. Social media is a great platform for the young minds to explore, generate, simulate, and process.

Gone are the days when life was only about people interacting in person, or writing letters to the loved ones. The digital age has changed the overall scenario. You have a new life with the virtual interface in the form of all these social media platforms.

There is no denying the fact that it is a very powerful tool in today’s world. And so it needs to be handled with great care. If you wish to benefit from social media, you need to take care of a few things.

Here are the 11 social media tips for students to live a healthy life, both online & offline:

  • Maintain A Balance

Obsession, of any kind, is lethal.

Maintaining a balance between your virtual and real lives is important. You need to limit the use of social media and make sure it doesn’t turn into an obsession. Though most likely it will.

With splurging of mobile apps and social media platforms, it is hard to stay away from your phone, for even some minutes. Once you start using a smartphone, it is the last thing you see before sleeping and the first when you wake up.

The obsession is quite natural.  But there is something that you can do about it. Check out these interesting apps to cut excessive usage of the phone. Mobile apps to reduce mobile usage. Ironic, isn’t it? But as they say: fight fire with fire.

Sages called it the power of ‘detachment.’ And you have to master this power.

  • Say “No” To Negativity

It is so often that people post negative things on social media and tag their friends. They do not think of the reputation they are building online.

But it is very important for you to escape such negativity. We grow when we spend time with quality people radiating positive energy. It applies to virtual life, too.

  • Secure Yourself

Once you put some information on social media, it remains there forever. This information can be accessed by anyone in the world. You need to be careful and selective while sharing content on social media. Otherwise, it can be manipulated in many ways.

Think at least once before posting anything on social media.

  • Learn The Power of Dissent

One of the positive sides of social media is that it gives us sufficient time to choose our words, rather than throwing them away without thinking and listening to others. It teaches us the power to listen to the views of others and reflect upon them accordingly.

It helps us open our minds to different perspectives.

However, unfortunately, we use it to bully others in the shadow of a veil. Which we need to avoid. Social media is flooded with stuff that polarizes the society like the old religious and political banter. So it is crucial for us always to maintain neutrality.

  • A Place For Your Creativity

Nowadays, many people are using social media platforms to display their creative side to the world. Social media is indeed a great platform to flaunt your skills like writing, designing, art, and music. It helps people publicize their interests and enhance them day by day.

Social sites like Tumblr, Pinterestand Instagram have gained importance to provide such a platform. You can also use these platforms to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Build Your Network Carefully

It’s nice to meet new people in reality. But when it comes to the virtual world, not everyone can be trusted. It has resulted in many cyber-crimes in the past years. To protect yourself is your responsibility. So you need to be careful while making friends on social media.

  • Don’t Display Your Emotions

Life on social media should be in a designed way rather than being loosely bounded. It should not include your weaknesses and things at which you get emotional like sharing personal life to others.

Putting every detail of your personal life on social media shows that you rarely have any power to control and conceal important things. 

  • Write Ideal Language

Many of us write long posts and statuses using short forms of almost all the words. It is a very bad habit to write down the language this way as it shows an unprofessional attitude and disrespect for language. Try to write full sentences.

Besides, if you see it this way, social media is a fantastic platform to enhance your language skills. Do not get away from doing this. 

  • Don’t Hesitate To Add Family

It’s nice to add family members to your social media profiles. It makes your profile look credible. It shows that you don’t live two different lives. However, you can avoid adding those annoying relatives that love to poke their nose into others’ business. 

  • Avoid Sharing Your Location

It is not a good habit to share your location every time you go to new places. It shows your openness and negligence towards your security. Information should be shared in a much-selected form.

  • Grow Professionally

Social media has been an important tool to help people grow professionally by providing platforms like LinkedIn, Xing, and Viadeo. You should link these profiles to your other social sites so that you can maintain a professionalism in your life. The most significant benefit of connecting these platforms is to have an extensive professional network which helps to build your career.

So we cannot avoid the fact that social media is an excellent platform. Though it has its cons. But if you practice some control measures, you can reap significant benefits from it.

And with the help of above tips, I am sure you will do great.

Hope it helps. Good Luck 🙂

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