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Career Options If Scored Less Marks In 12th

Career Options If scored less marks in 12th

This phase of life is a prize in disguise despite of the discomfort it causes.

“Take your board exams seriously, ye tumhari life ka turning point hai”

“agar 12th me ache marks nahi aye to kahi admission nahi milega”

“life me successful hona hai to 12th me ache marks lana bahot zaruri h”

I hope it reminds you of the time when you had to appear for your board exams.

We all had heard such things from our parents, relatives, teachers and every other person around us when we were about to give our board exam.

These statements did nothing but added to your mental stress. Forcing you to believe that, of course, you won’t be able to achieve anything in your life if you fail to score good in your exams. You will end up doing the least lucrative jobs giving less satisfaction, money, and reputation. Your contribution in your life, towards your parents and society, will become insignificant.

Well in the present era, where everyone is after the numbers. It is hard to believe that your board percentage does not define your future. Certainly, scores play a significant role in getting admission in the top-notch colleges or acquiring engineering or a medical degree, but these are not the only means to be successful in life. Even if you have scored less in your boards, it is not a dead end.

There are endless options you can go for, irrespective of the board’s score. Here’s a quick overview of all the career options you can go for even if you’ve scored less marks in 12th science, commerce, or arts.

This article illuminates some of the possible career options which you can opt for, even if you’ve scored less than 50% marks in 12th board exams. They are the flourishing career prospects of the recent times and do not lag behind if we talk about the money, reputation, skills and satisfaction one desire to achieve.

Career In Designing

Career In Designing, if scored less marks in 12th board exams

The design industry is growing rapidly nowadays. So, if you have a creative mind and wish to transform your talent into a rewarding career than you can go for Fashion Designing, Interior Designing or may be Jewellery Designing. Your 12th percentage plays a meager role here as the eligibility requirement for such courses is 12th pass with no minimum percentage. One can either work with companies or can start their own business after completing the course.

Career In Language Courses

Career In Language Courses

Learning various foreign languages can be very fascinating. People with a language degree are comparatively more attractive to the recruiters. One needs, to begin with, the certificate level followed by Diploma and Advance Diploma level. It comes up with exciting career prospects such as Language Translators, Teachers and Tour and Travel Guides.

Career In Photography

Career In Photography

An increasing obsession amongst the people towards photography, professional photographers are in high demand. It comes up with several attractive opportunities such as Wedding Photographer, Fashion Photographer, and Wildlife Photographer. One can opt for a Certificate, Diploma or may be a Degree course offered by various colleges and institutes.

Career in Hospitality

Career In Hospitality

The hospitality industry is one of the most flourishing industries of the times. It offers diverse career opportunities for the ones who love to serve people. Many institutes are providing a variety of hospitality courses in this field. No minimum percentage is required at the time of admission to these courses. Hostesses in Hotels and Airlines, Flight stewards and Chefs are some of the lucrative career options of this field.

Career As C.A. / C.S.

Career as Chartered Accountant

Marks are not the only parameters to judge our capabilities. Scoring less in your boards does not block your way to pursue a career in regular courses such as C.A. and C.S. You can still pursue your career as a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary after clearing the entrance exam for them.

Career In Performing Arts

Career In Performing Arts

In this art form a person exhibits his / her creativity through performance such as Drama, Music, and Dance.  Your interest and aptitude play a broader role than your 12th percentage in this field. Students applying for this degree need to make entrance tests, which will evaluate their talent and ability. Universities like Delhi University, Banaras Hindu University, are amongst the few offering Bachelors course in Performing Arts (BPA).

Career In Fine Arts

Career In Fine Arts

If you have talent and a creative mind for drafting your imaginations into pictures and figures, then Fine Arts is a pertinent career alternate for you. Institutes like National Institute of Fine Arts, Faculty of Music & Fine Arts – University of Delhi, Faculty of Visual Arts – Banaras Hindu University and many others offer different Bachelors’ courses in Fine Arts. One can even go for Certificate and Diploma course to hone a particular skill in this field.

Career In Writing

Career In Writing
Do you have the flair to juggle words to explain your thoughts? Well, if you have the talent to pen down your imaginations. Then, you can surely pursue your career in writing. Creative Writing, Blogging, Content Editor are some of the options persistent in this category. Command over the language, power to influence the people and knowledge about the topic is all that you need to be a good writer.


Remember, scores do play a significant role in deciding your career path, but they are not the perfect parameters to judge your talent and capabilities. Don’t be disheartened if you score low marks in 12th; this world is full of opportunities.

Society’s pressure, stress, ignorance and may be the unwillingness to study can be some of the reasons behind your low scores. While sometimes it may be just because of the choices you made, like choosing a wrong stream and the cut-short method you opted to achieve more with fewer efforts.

Whatever may be the cause for your bad score in the 12th board exams, it does not mean it is the end.

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”
Gail Devers

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  2. Say me immediately because yesterday I found my result and I am only 49% marks in commerce after this exam what subject do I choose please give me a suggestion.

  3. I have got 47.5% in 12th Arts. Tell me which is the best course for me after 12th?

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