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Political Science is NOT just about Politics

 ‘Information is Power’.

An informed individual know his way around obstacles, sticky situations and virtually every problem. But probably the most important kind of information one needs to understand the world we live in, is how countries, states, governments, ideologies, and politics function. How does a terrorist attack that happen in Paris affect you in India? Why does PM Modi undertake so many international visits? What is the conflict in Syria, and how does it effect you? Ever wondered about these questions, and what is the best way to wrap your head around them?


Studying Political Science not just studying facts but also reassessing and reanalyzing them. (Image Source: arentfox.com)

 If yes, you probably already know that learning Political Science is the way to go about it. In essence, the ‘WHO’ and ‘HOW’ of different working political systems and their history & development, is what comprises the field of Political Science. It won’t be exaggerating, if it is said that politics affects practically every aspect of our lives. Be it education, economy, living standards, personal freedom or liberty, the political setup and conditions of a country are the single biggest determinant of how the citizens lead their lives. However, Political Science is the study a range of political ideas, events, actions, and institutions. It includes both understanding and amplifying the world of politics which exists and our place in it. We all participate in politics, though most of the time we do so unknowingly. Politics goes way beyond voting in an election or  even working in government in a direct capacity.

Contrary to the incomplete information that floats in our circles about this discipline regarding not imparting any ‘skill’, studying Political Science grooms one as a responsible individual with enough capabilities to observe, analyse and feel concerned about the functioning of our society at large. One is forced to think about things that go way beyond the self, between those regular working hours of your life. Learning Political Science improves an individuals’ direct participation and engagement in running the structure of society. Studying the field helps one get through life in a much more informed manner, consciously realizing the political backdrop of every situation that exists. What’s more, it is this set of informed people, who realise the hidden meaning of announcements, and know how to read between the lines, that go onto change the system, and sow the seeds of transition, for they understand the intricacies of the political set up multi-fold times better than a layman.


Political Science is an exciting field to understand power dynamics and systems of the world. (Image Source: wsimag.com)

Apart from the moral and ethical upliftment of human nature, studying Political science also gives the practical benefits such as gaining proficiency and expertise in working with different kinds of people, who have different ideologies, and interacting in a diverse community. Skills like critical thinking, analytical prowess, articulation, research, and communication are greatly honed. Also, one becomes more capable of arriving at decisions based on the analysis and synthesis of information and data, rather than following decisions and judgments passed on by others. But most importantly, it builds the ability to engage with political events and a facilitate a greater understanding of the processes involved in diverse political arrangement around the world.

Courses in Political Science expose various social problems, and coax people who are studying it to come up with solutions to these problems that can have an impact on society, probably for decades to come. Thus, political science is an excellent choice for those who are interested in social and political issues – and especially for those who believe that they can make big contributions to these spheres to positively effect the lives of millions.

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