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Career Options In Performing Arts

Career In Performing Arts

Did you ever dream of becoming like your favorite actor? Do you wish to have a voice like your favorite singer? Then a relevant course in performing arts is all what you need to choose. Performing arts career list is the one which includes categories such as acting, singing, directing or music. To do well in this career field, one requires having a respective professional degree.

Over the years, Bollywood, the ultimate destination of a performing arts artist has grown tremendously. The fame and glamour of this industry have been the biggest fascination among the youth which has widened the scope of this art form.

It is emerging as a significant career prospect in the modern times with versatile course structure and good job opportunities. One can choose any of its department and have a great career even other than Bollywood.  Here, I have enlisted some of the prospective careers one can opt for if you have a degree in performing arts.

So, if you have the talent and genuine interest, then the sky is the only limit for you.


Career As An Actor

Career As An Actor

Being one of the most likeable career options among the youth, it has a lot of scope. This field varies enormously, from a live stage performer of the classics and community theater to television advertising and film actor.

This career prospect has its own pros and cons, but those having a knack in acting and a professional knowledge can do great, provided one cannot deny the fact that, having contacts ought to be a big advantage to boost your career.

The impact of Bollywood is one of the major reason which leads to the popularity of this career field. As a result, there are several performing arts colleges offering varied acting courses in the country.

The level of success and failure in terms of time and money significantly depends on your aptitude, efforts, and area of work.


Career As A Singer

Career As A Singer

India has been a hub of various eminent singers who are popular worldwide. Similar to acting, singing is also very popular among the people. Its wide scope has motivated people to develop a career in it.

Other than a good voice and a natural flair into singing one need to toil hard to be a good singer, it is necessary to hone your skills every now and then to do great in this area. It takes a lot of years for the person to excel in this field which requires a lot of tolerance and dedication.

Though the basics of learning singing remain same, one can choose the type of singing they want to pursue in, like classical, light classical or may be folk singing as per the interest.

At present, several reality singing shows have been organized in the country which is giving the people a platform to showcase their talent and bringing them into limelight.


Career As A Dancer

Career As A Dancer

A dancer displays a story or a message through organized body movements and expressions. Like acting and singing, dancing is also an intense art form which involves rigorous practice, efforts, and dedication.

Its learning can begin since childhood and can continue a lifetime. After honing the skills and a professional degree, one can pursue a career as a freelance dancer, stage performer or a choreographer. The love for dance among the people and intense involvement of dance in the film industry tends to keep the demand for professional dancers high in the market.

Above all, it’s an undeniable fact that this profession is very demanding in terms of time and physical efforts.

But if you have a professional degree, outstanding dancing skills and ever desired to be the part of the glamour world then it is the right career option for you.

The best part about this profession is that as a professional dancer you will get a chance to travel several places and sometimes to the exotic destination. So, if along with dancing travelling also has been your thing of interest then it can be an add-on benefit for you.


Career As A Musician

Career As A Musician

Music has been an intrinsic part of our lives since time immemorial. You may remain indifferent to the people, culture and language of a place but it is the music which needs no translations and connects you with different cultures.

“Music has no boundaries” is apt to explain about the place this art form holds in our society. Music being the universal language does not require any other medium to comprehend the message it intends to deliver.

If you have a great love, knowledge and understanding of different music instruments than you can pursue a career as a musician.

A musician as a profession is very versatile in itself. One can work as a composer, music director, programmer, lyricist, a live musician or may be as a professional on the production side, with recording engineers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, producers and a lot more.

All of these require an interest, strong understanding of music, instrumentation and arrangement. One needs to master on several skills to be a great musician which can be achieved only through intense practice.

Having a good ear for music is the utmost requirement for this field. It is not necessary to have a professional degree but if you wish to have a career as a musician on the serious note than having a professional degree is always beneficial.


Career As A Mentor/Teacher

Career As A Teacher

Other than being a performer oneself you can even work from the other side of the table, i.e., as a teacher or a mentor.

If you have the necessary skills and degrees which are needed to be a mentor in the field of your interest than you can also work as a Performing Art Teacher/Mentor.

Performing Arts offers a lot of scope as a teacher as well. With the increasing demand of performing arts in the market, several institutes and colleges have started varied courses in this field which ultimately increases the demand for a qualified teacher.

Performing Arts comes up with many options as a teacher. One can either work as a full time performing arts mentor in some renowned college, school, and any other institutions or can work as a freelance teacher. There are several colleges and schools which conduct music, dance and acting classes on a vocational basis which again calls for the need of a professional teacher.


Career As A Director

Career As A Director

Together with acting, dancing, music and singing, directing has also become an important part of the performing arts field. This up-coming creative field has grown significantly in the recent times as a lot of students are showing interest in directing.

Directing in literal terms means managing, organizing and carrying forward the whole task in a systematic way. The demand for directors is equivalent to actors, singers, and dancers. Pursuing a script without a director is impossible. The direction is the nucleus of a movie or a play/ skit. Without good direction, none of them can do justice to the audience.

Theater director, Movie Director and Music Director are some of the fields of directing. Having a degree in direction is necessary. At present, many colleges like FTII (Pune), AAFT (Greater Noida), International Institute of Mass Media (Delhi) are offering certificate and diploma courses in this field.


For those who are creative, expressive and are passionate about their craft Performing Arts has a lot to offer. Besides patience, perseverance, and diligence in addition to talent and practice are the essential ingredients to be a successful performing artist. Though it offers some of the most glamorous career options, rejection, work repetition, long working hours and a great amount of competition are some of its downsides.

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