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Note To Self: Talk To Mum & Dad More

You used to tell your parents everything, do you remember?

From the new friends you made to what you learned in class

From the people who were nice to you, to the people who were mean to you

From the things you learnt, to the things you wished you’d forget

You’d tell them about your worries and you’d share your happiness

And then, things changed

You grew older, and they stopped understanding

But mostly, you grew older

Now, conversations are not about your dreams anymore

Because they have distinct ideas for what you should be

Something that might differ from what is in your heart

And neither is willing to listen to the other

So there’s just silence

You do still talk about the dinner schedule

And maybe discuss catching a new movie releasing this Friday

But that’s not talking, not like the way you used to anyway

You’ve got to study for your exams

But you could use some emotional support, you know?

Someone who listens patiently while you vent out the frustration of a difficult chapter

Someone who tells you how they got through that phase

“Dad, what did you do when you were freaking out during your exams?
– I used to go out for a walk”

If you wish to, try out what they did

They were kids once too,

albeit in another time altogether

and times have changed

but perhaps the anxiety,

the eagerness, the uncertainty –

perhaps these emotions were still the same back then

Maybe just sit and talk to them about your most fantastic dreams:
“Mom, I want to tell you the things I enjoy doing, only if you promise you’d listen”

Or just share your anxiety:
“Mom, I’m worrying that I shall not do well in my Math paper, what do I do?”

Ask for some hope:
“Dad, tell me that you believe in my ability to make for myself the future that I desire”

Or just some good old advice:
“Dad, what is that you wished you could do if you had the opportunities I have?”

Sometimes, they’ll listen.

Sometimes, they won’t

Sometimes, they’ll just won’t listen.

The trick is to keep talking to them

Keep telling them your side of the story

Keep showing them your perspective

And trying to see theirs too, sometimes

You’ve had enough of this silence; don’t you think?

Give it another try; go to them and just:

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