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Note To Self: Take Care Of Your Body

As soon as it was 5 PM, you couldn’t stay home.

You had to go out and play.

Do you remember?

You had some cricket to play.

Or some hide and seek

You had old ladies to confront

For your right to use the park too

You had fights to resolve from the previous day

And you had some new friendships to make

You had some chips to buy just to collect those Pokémon cards.

You waited for so much to do at 5.

When did 5 PM stop being play time and became the time for tuition?

You’ve got your exams, I know

You haven’t got time to waste, there’s too much syllabus left.

I know that too.

Your mom will probably ask a million questions if you dare step out of your house

But do it for your body’s sake.

You’ve spent such long hours sharpening your mind,

take a moment to consider your body now.

Go out for a walk, call your friends who are glued to their study tables like you

It will only take a while

Walk slowly and look around

Give your eyes something new to look at

Stop and feel the tree trunks

See if they are whispering something to you

Go have a race with your friends

It’s not a competition; you have enough competitions to prepare for

Just let it be an excuse to make each atom of your body feel alive again



Dance if you wish to!

Play whichever sport you love

Anything that lets your body know that you care about it too

If you’re frustrated with your exams, take it all out in tiring your body.

Go back when you’re completely exhausted

And when you’re back home, sit for a moment and reflect

Remember, why it is that you study

Remember the dreams you wish to pursue

And then get back to creating the future you desire

You will realize that your mind works better when your body feels alive and healthy

So please, take care of your body

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