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Note To Self: Do not Stop Drawing

You used to love drawing, do you remember?

All you would want for your birthday: colors of all shades and papers for you to doodle on.

And after each drawing, you would go to your mother and hand it over to her like it was your first paycheck at work.

She would carefully store them in plastic binders.

On days she was feeling sad, it used to light up her day.

Do you remember her smile?

She adored those drawings like she adored you then.

But, you do not draw anymore.

The pressure from school grew so much that you had to give it up.

Go and Ask your mother for some of your old drawings.

Fish them out, from whichever chest they are lying in.

Carefully, take out your memories from their plastic covers.

Feel the faded texture of the crayons.

Do you remember what it felt like to draw?

Do you remember the joy?

Find some crayons and do it again.

Create, dear child.


You still have a future to build and for that you’ll study, but for now just create.

It will only take an hour or so.

When you’re done, take it proudly to your mother.

She worries about you too much; you know?

Show it to her and make her smile.

Tell her you’ll do your best in Boards.

Tell her not to worry.

“Hey mom, I’ll do just fine!”

You’re not going to be professional artist, but that shouldn’t stop you from drawing.

Study well and create the future that you desire.

And sometimes when you’re tired,

Or when your mind feels like it is going to explode,

take a break and just:


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