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Note to Self: Don’t Give Up Too Soon

You used to be a stubborn child, do you remember?

If someone said a thing couldn’t be done

You would do it just to prove them wrong

But also to see if it couldn’t actually be done

You didn’t know what impossible meant then

Now you know there are some things

You just cannot do, in life

But most things are just difficult

Not impossible, no, just difficult

With most difficult things,

Success isn’t guaranteed in the first go

You really have to struggle

You really, really have to struggle sometimes

You may even fail a few times

Even if it’s just in a practice test

You’ve been struggling these past few months, right?

You’ve started hoarding up doubt

You’re getting fearful

You’ve started hoarding up others’ worries too
(Like your parents’)

You’re doubting your ability to succeed

Now that you are aware

Of the difficult task that lies ahead

But courage is showing strength in the face of doubt

Courage is clenching your teeth in determination

The determination to finish the journey that YOU started

To reach the future that you wish to achieve

If it’s getting too overwhelming

Take a break and call your friends

Talk to them about your dreams

Ask them about theirs

Give each other some hope

They might be doubting themselves too, you know?

Give them some hope

And maybe they’ll give you some hope back

Talk about what you’ll do when you become a Lawyer

Or a doctor or a dancer or a pilot

Or an engineer or a writer or a historian

Or anything you want to be,

Talk about what you’ll do when you become all those things

This is why you’re studying

You are not studying to pass an exam

You’re studying to build that future of yours

It is tempting to give up in the face of difficulty

But true grit is an art.

It mostly involves saying to your mind:
Don’t give up, too soon

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