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Modi’s message on Teachers’ Day: Value Teachers

A day before Teachers’ Day, on 4th September, Prime Minister Mr. Modi addressed 800 students and 60 teachers from various schools in New Delhi. He also made a powerful speech regarding the importance of students and teachers in the country.

Comparing the teacher to a mother, he said that a teacher gives us life, by filling the void of knowledge and restoring balance, and a student to a canvas, he said the canvas can only be painted by a teacher. Encouraging teachers to be more interactive, he said, they should  write about students who left a mark on them, which would show their involvement with their students. He also advised teachers to never retire, and not consider teaching like any other job. He also added that since there is a great demand for quality teachers all over the world, India can step up and fill this demand as it has plenty of talent.


Modi advised teachers to never retire, and not consider teaching like any other job. (Image Source: indianexpress.com )

Further, he advised students on knowing clearly why they want to lead, and hone that quality. He pursued students to find out why the value of a teacher has lost its sheen and why they don’t want to be teachers when they grow up. Additionally, he requested people who have achieved something, to give back to the society, and start taking lessons for students in a school, once a week. He reiterated that serving the nation does not only mean doing grand things; doing small things is a big service to the nation. Finally, he also told keep the child in one always alive, and to keep smiling and playing.

As usual, his speech was a hit among students and the general public, as they found it knowledgeable and directive, and the occasion just added to the sentiment of the message he gave.

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