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Love Designing? Here’s 10 Careers Opportunities For You

A decade ago, when someone said they wanted to be a designer, everyone assumed that it meant that they wanted to either be a fashion or interior designer. But now, the design industry is vast and recruiting by the thousands. Design is one of the main  focus of big businesses today.

Here’s a look at 10 professions in the design industry:

  1. Game Designer:

    You must have played Mario as a child. This is the dude who created it: Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto

    Ask a teenager what a Game Boy is and they won’t have a clue. But everyone has Candy Crush and Temple Run installed on their Smartphone. No one plays Road Rash on their PCs anymore. It’s either FIFA 15 or Batman: Arkham Knight on their Xbox Ones and PS4s. As a game designer, you have the power to put your creations at the center of each moment of free time your consumer will have. You have the power to frustrate them out of their minds, fill them with joy and accomplishment or just simply keep them occupied.

  1. Animator:

    Pixar, making adults cry since 1995

    As Pixar and Dreamworks have proved, animation is not just for kids. Movies like Frozen and Toy Story 3 have earned over $1 billion worldwide and movie halls are packed with more adults than teenagers. The film animation scene in India hasn’t taken off yet, but animated Indian TV cartoons are getting more and more popular. Perhaps you’ll be the one who puts India on the world map when it comes to animated films!

  1. Interior designer:

    Officers, airports, theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, schools and even hospitals, all require the services of an interior designer. Private residences make only a tiny fraction of the work interior designers do. As the employees of Starbucks would agree, key to great sales is good design.
  2. Architect:

    India, the home of future Skyscrapers.

    Probably one of the most sought after field in design, architecture in India is still in its infancy. Though spectacular office buildings are popping up in all major cities, we’re still waiting for a Skyscraper Revolution. For those who wish to cater to the other 70%, affordable housing is a dream to be accomplished in rural India. After all, everyone needs a thought of place they can call home.

    5. Graphic Designer:


    Alicia Souza, one of the most popular Indian Graphic Designers on Facebook right now!

    As more and more of the world moves online, so do the companies and their services. A graphic designer can be instrumental for companies wishing to find a market for themselves in this strange new world. After all, brands like Chumbak wouldn’t exist without graphic designers!

    6. Mobile Designer:


    Designing in Mobile goes beyond the look and touch of the phone

    In the words of the great Steve Jobs, “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”
    India has the second largest mobile phone market in the world, and everyone’s trying to grab a slice. It’s been 8 years since iPhones revolutionized the Smartphone market. The next big mobile revolution can come from you!

  1. Web Designer:
    All businesses yearn for a beautiful minimalist website to offer their services ( all except IRCTC perhaps?). More than 800 startups are launched in India each year and guess what they all have in common? An opening for a web designer to launch their product into the world. And honestly, potential web clients don’t care if you have a degree or not, what matters most is your portfolio: a proof of your work and skills.
  1. Product Designer:

    Whenever there’s a product to be sold, a product designer is called to give the product a shape and size that would make the consumers go “WOW!” at each moment. It may be something as seemingly inessential as the box your mobile comes in or something as common as the McFlurry container and spoon used by McDonalds. The design of the product can make or break the sales of any company and as Indian companies try to go global and compete with world leaders, you’re the person they’ll be looking for!
  1. Art Director:

    Ramesh and Suresh from the 5 Star TV commercial have been etched in our memory. Masterji, pitaji ki patloon ________________, you can probably fill in the rest. None of this would have been possible without an Art Director who would have created these concepts. Not just TV, print ads, digital media and even films all require art directors. As long as there are brands to be sold, there will always be need of art directors!
  2. Fashion Designer:
    This one doesn’t need much explaining. Everyone wants their clothes to be fashionable and different from the rest. Enter modern Indian fashion designers who are coming up with creative concepts to affordable yet fashionable day-to-day clothing. India has such a huge market for apparel that foreign brands are just waiting to get hold of a share of it.

There are thousands of job openings available and dozens of good designers to take your place. If you wish to last and make a name for yourself, you need to find your inner voice. Ask yourself what design means to you and let your inner voice guide you to success!

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