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10 Must-Have Technical Skills That Will Make Your Resume Shine

Must-Have Technical Skills That Will Make Your Resume Shine Not signed in

Planning to land a job in IT sector?

Grabbing a new job in this ruthlessly competitive environment is a tough nut to crack.

And the situation aggravates when you realize that apart from some degrees and certificates, you have gained no technical skills for a resume that’s impressive.

Besides, the dynamism of technology makes nothing better. The only way to keep up with all this is to not only learn new technical skills but also keep updating them.

And so here are the most essential technical professional skills that you NEED to learn for landing a job in IT sector. The list of technical skills mentioned below will swell your chances of getting selected for the relevant job.

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

SQL is a simple yet powerful programming language. It is a must have technical skill of the times. It allows users to retrieve the specific information they are looking for.

You must be wondering in what kind of company would the technical skills of SQL required?

Well, SQL is popular as it goes with all type of database. Through it one can create, update, identify, reorganise, and control access to the data.  Therefore, it’s required in every company type that does programming. Watch the following video and get to know more about database and SQL.

Free online resources to learn SQL-

  • Data Security Skills

Technical Skills for Data Security

Data security is not a one-time rather an ongoing process. Data security is a thing of priority and not an afterthought.  It is advisable to ensure cyber security from all angles. Consequently, businesses today look for employees who are well versed with data security skills. Some of the most in-demand data security skills of the times are- Security Engineering, Encryption, Intrusion Detection and Breach Response, Firewall Development, Vulnerability Analysis, Penetration Testing, Security Information and Event Management, Cyber Security (HTTPS, SSL, and TLS, Endpoint Threat Detection, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Free online resources to learn Data Security & related skills-

  • Technical Writing Skills

Technical Writing Skills

Technical writing is the one in which information is shared in easy to understand, non-personal, and effective manner. The information shared is often complicated in nature. A technical writer must have the skills to explain a technology in words to the concerned parties. Recurrence of this skill in the desired technical skills lists explains its sheer importance in the current time.  Some examples of technical writing are- Instruction Manuals, Policy Manuals, Process Manuals, User Manuals, Reports of Analysis, Instructions for Assembling a Product, etc.

Free online resources to learn Technical Writing Skills-

  • Computer Skills

Technical Skills to use Computer

Be it an IT job or any other job, technology has its foot in all job types. Today employers want to know what computer skills you have. Basic computer skills are a requisite for many positions. Others require advanced computer skills. Therefore, one must have knowledge about-  MS Excel, MS Office, Adobe Illustrator, Email, PHP, HTML, etc. These are some of the basic and must-have computer skills.

Free online resources to learn Computer Skills-

  • Digital Marketing Skills

Technical Skills for Digital Marketing

Having knowledge and skills to work on different digital media platforms make your resume lucrative. Itemize your know-how by platform and specify your skills. It becomes imperative if you’re targeting positions in marketing, or any other work that requires you to work on various social media platforms. Community management, Relationship management, creativity, SEO, Analytical skills are some of the desirable digital media skills.

Free online resources to learn Social Media Skills-

  • User Experience (UX) Design Skills

User Experience (UX) Design Skills

A good user experience is what every business looks forward to. Ability to develop enriching user experience design will always give you an edge.

A UX Designer concerns about how users feel about a system, ease of use, utility, efficiency, and usability of a system.

Free online resources to learn UX Design-

  • Agile Methodology Skills

Agile Methodology Skills

Source: Headstorm.com

Agile methodology talks about breaking tasks into simpler and easy to manage projects. Today, companies are embracing it. It makes the process of project management more collaborative and flexible.

Free online resources to learn Agile Methodology-

  • Data Visualization Skills

Technical Skills for Data Visualization

As data is continuously multiplying it is obligatory to discover new and attractive data visualization techniques. Resultantly, companies are now looking for professionals who can collect, analyze, store, and interpret the huge amount of data in an organized way and frame strategies. Using several tools one can visually enhance the data visually.

Free online resources to learn Data Visualization-

  • Coding Skills

Technical Skills for Coding

Coding is undoubtedly among the highly demanded skills. So even if you are not looking for a job in coding, learning a bit programming will give you a whip hand.

Free online resources to learn Coding-

  • Mobile App Development Skills

Technical Skills for Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development, as it says, is about developing applications/Softwares for mobile phones. One can either be an android app developer or a iOS app developer. Both require different skills. It doesn’t need any particular educational qualification, but one must be acquainted with computer programming.

Free online courses to learn Mobile App Development-

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