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10 Job Interview Tips That Fascinate HeadHunters

Job Interview Tips

The race for the dream job starts at school. In order to quench that thrust, you search for the best possible college and spend sleepless nights. Getting admission in the college of your choice becomes your sole desire. But, at the end, while you are sitting anxiously in front of the interview room fiddling your pen and trying to calm your nerves. The only thought which is pacing in your mind as the heart pumps yet another ounce of blood in your body is- ‘What can I do to clear the interview ?’

You begin to brainstorm and recall the job interview tips given by your friends, parents, and all those you seek help from. Which leaves you even more anxious and perplexed. 

We at Edunuts present to you a ready reckoner to fix all your pre-interview issues. Not only will these job interview tips help you ace your interviews but will also help you shine among all other candidates.

  • Get The Details About The Interview Right

Before you sit for the interview, find as much as you can beforehand. Contact the person who has scheduled the interview & ask:

  • Who is conducting your interview? Will the HR take the interview? or Is it a technical round that will be taken up by some senior manager?
  • Find the directions to the company’s office.
  • Check the reporting time twice.
  • Check all the important documents that you have been asked to carry.
  • Confirm about the dress code. Some companies ask interviewees to come in business casuals and some in formals.
  • Find out about the nature of the interview, whether it is a conventional interview or a skype or telephonic interview or will it be held over lunch or dinner?
  • Understand The Company

Understand the nature of the business in which the company is. Find out how the company was formed. Who is/are the key mover/s and shaker/s in the firm. Find about the future expansion plans of the company. If the company has been in the news recently do read about that. If time permits, do conduct a SWOT- Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats analysis of the company. Be aware of the competitors of the company.

  • Conduct A Self-Assessment

Before you sit for the interview, it is very important that you conduct a self-assessment, do a self-SWOT analysis, and find your strengths. You can also ask your friends and parents if you need a second opinion.

Exploring yourself makes it easier to answer questions like, “Tell me about yourself? Why should we hire you?” And I don’t have to say that they are the most frequently asked interview questions. No matter what type of job it is meant for.

Also, work on your stories, if you have a not so impressive academic background or if you have something on your CV which you are not proud of, work out a story around it to cover it up. While making the story, do not leave any loopholes for the interviewer to pick upon. If possible, practice by telling the story to your friends or parents to get a second opinion.

  • Take Relevant Material For The Interview

Make sure that you carry all your relevant documents along with you when you sit for the interview. Carry your CV, passport size photographs, salary slips reference letters or anything which the company had asked you to bring along.

  • Prepare Some Questions To Ask The Panel

Remember, the interview is not only for the employer to judge the employee, it is also for the employee to find about the employer. Ask questions regarding the position they will be offering you, the perks that come along with the job, and what would they expect from you, etc.

  • Be Punctual

As clichéd as it may sound, being on time can make or break your interview. Make sure that you reach your interview location at least 15 mins before the scheduled time. It not only creates a positive impression but also gives you enough time to calm down.

  • Don’t Lie About Your Degrees & Certificates

It is important to always be honest, never fake your degrees or certificates as most of the companies conduct a background check before you join the organization.

  • Use Social Media With Caution

A large number of employers today use the power of social networking to gather information about potential employees. So, be very careful about what you post online.

  • Pick Your Outfit & Go Early To Bed

Pick your outfit a night before the interview and take a good night’s rest, as it is always good to get an early morning start. The last thing you want is to arrive at your interview all flustered and panicked because you got stuck in the traffic, missed your breakfast or weren’t able to find a taxi.

  • Don’t Panic

There might be situations in the interview where you might not know the answer to the interviewer’s question. In such a case, you shouldn’t panic. In fact, you can just tell the panel that you don’t know the answer. It is okay. It is not possible for everyone to know the answer to every question.

Most importantly, no matter what happens you should never give up. You might not get through this interview as there are many applicants and only one of them will get the job. Also, always try to analyze as to why were you not able to clear the interview. Learn from the experience and aim to do better in the next interview as there are a lot more job offers and tons of opportunities waiting for you around the corner.

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