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Indian Students: 2nd Highest in USA

Indian students account for the second highest number of foreign students studying at US universities and institutions, said US Ambassador to India Richard R Verma. There are over a hundred thousand Indian students in the US presently.
Verma also added, “The number of tie-ups between Indian and US universities has been increasing in the last few years. This is important for both the countries to develop research activities.” News regarding Indian students increasingly looking for educational opportunities abroad, and taking massive loans, majorly property-based, to the fund the expensive education and cost of living, collaborates to this recent update.



There are over a hundred thousand Indian students in the USA presently.


He said that such students were graduating during fortunate times, as India is growing rapidly, and hence provides them with opportunities, to solve the critical challenges like food safety and security. Explaining the same, and highlighting the need for India and USA to work together, he said, “The world population would rise to 9.1 billion in 2050, and we will have to increase our food production by 70% to meet demands. The US and India can work together in identifying new technologies and agricultural solutions to increase the yield.”

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