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IIT-D requests Investment & Support after 179th Rank

In the wake of the institution achieving 179th rank, in the QS Worldwide University Rankings, IIT-Delhi has appealed for increased investment and support in the university to increase academic standards, improve opportunities and ensure that the university grows.

The university issued a statement on Wednesday, focusing on the areas it did not perform well in. For example, it does not even make it to the Top 400 in areas like ‘Faculty Student Ratio’, ‘International Faculty’, or ‘International Students’. This comes as no surprise, as the Pupil-Teacher ratio at IIT-Delhi is 16.7:1, and only 1.4% of its faculty and 1.4% of its students are ‘international’. The biggest factors that led to IIT-Delhi’s inclusion in the Top 200 overall, were strength of research being produced, and citation of the work by the professors.


The Pupil-Teacher ratio at IIT-Delhi is 16.7:1. (Image Source: smp.iitd.ac.in )

The statement lends support to the remarks made by Ben Sowter, QS Head of Research,  who said that, to make IIT-Delhi a viable alternative for international students, more funds and support is needed. The official statement issued by IIT-Delhi is as follows:

“It needs to be emphasized that while we do not wish to dilute the entry standards for our students and faculty (it is already well know that less than 4% of students wishing to enter IITs eventually make it; a lesser known fact is that less than 4% of faculty applicants to IIT Delhi are found to be suitable to be offered a position). Further investment in research and innovation support along with competitive salary structures and relaxed administrative norms would certainly assist in boosting our international rankings in the areas in which we are lacking.”

(Image Source1 and Image Source2)

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