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It took me four years to find my career path. In doing so, I discovered several other traits and interests about me. I am much more focused and confident in everything that I do. Each identity status played an important role in shaping my life.

Identity achievement is a status where the individual has gone through an identity crisis and have made decisions for their life – It could be a commitment to an occupation, an ideology or a social role. In short, these individuals have explored different roles and opportunities and have come to conclusions and made decisions on their own.


James Marcia found that a person’s identity is not “set” and is quite fluid. Before a person’s identity is chosen, individuals go through a process, whether it is forced on them or not, to determine their identity. A person’s identity is made up of commitments made by the individual. These commitments are decisions made throughout one’s life that determines “who” that person will be.


However, Erikson held that identity development does not end with its formations. He viewed it as an ongoing process that captures one’s investment throughout the long years of adulthood. Thus, identity development is both a normative period of adolescence and an evolving aspect of adulthood.


Do you have a well-defined sense of what your values and goals are in life? And are you highly committed to making them happen?


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