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How to Make Your Parents Say Yes To Everything!

Some data scientists believe that, the most often repeated word by mothers to their teenage children is ‘NO’. Well, not really. It is not impossible to change that NO to a ‘Maybe’ and a gradual YES!

It requires years of careful observation and practice, sometimes way into adulthood, before a teenager is able to manipulate his/her parents to make them say yes to everything. When a teenager reaches this stage, they are called “mature”. Most fail to reach this stage. These tips will help you on your journey to “maturity”:

  1. Observe your friends


    Rocky: Mom ne phirse mana kar diya. Yaar Buster, tu har baar kaise mana leta hai?

    Look at what tactics they use to get what they want. There is always that one person in the group who always gets the permission. Learn from the guru in your group! Not all hacks your friends suggest would with your parents, but some definitely will!

  1. Prolonged begging, whining and pleading

    Caution: Use sparingly. This only works once in a while when your parents have their shields down. Try this when they’re at their most cheerful self.
  1. Listen closely to your parents’ taunts


    When you’re unsure if you mom is talking about you or your neighbor down the street

    My mother never stops chanting “Nahata kyun nahi hai har roz?” whenever she’s in my room. Listen closely to your parents’ taunts. Make a list. The idea is that if you take away the reasons for the taunts, your mother won’t have anything bad to gossip about to your relatives, and hence her view of you in her mind will improve.

  1. Do your chores BEFORE being asked to!

    Parents believe that their primary role as parents is to raise their children to be responsible adults. By completing your homework and cleaning your room before they ask you to do so, these will give them one less reason to use against you.
  2. Make them look good
    When relatives visit, tell stories about how much your father helped you with math or how your mother’s cooking new delicious recipes every week. – As long as you keep it (mostly) honest, boasting about your parents will lower their shields even further.
  1. Make a trade with them
    Is there something your parents have asked you to do that you’ve been avoiding? Put that laziness aside and go, do it. But, wait a minute! Try to make a deal with your parents first. “If I finish my assignments, you’ll let me stay up till 12”. Make sure to keep the deal fair; don’t go on asking for an iPhone just yet.
  1. Mix Fun with Work
    Is there a sweets shop that your parents love close to where you are meeting your friends? Include this in your pitch when asking for permission. They’ll want to say ‘No’, but their stomachs will make them say ‘Yes’!
  1. Keep them updated

    If you’re out for the movies or hanging out with your friends, keep the constantly-worrying-parent up to date. It can be something as quick as a text/WhatsApp message or a call every couple of hours. Keep them updated about the status of your plans and if there are any changes, let them know immediately. This would help them to not worry about you whenever you’re out and actually concentrate on other tasks.
  1. Earn their trust


    Life Situation with Parents

    Want a long term solution? Mutual trust is the answer. Always take up an opportunity where you can show that you can be trusted.
    Remember, it’s the little things that count.

  1. Sit down and have a chat

    Finally, the best way to live a hassle-free life is to sit down with your parents and come up with a set of rules, rights and duties. This is a perfect chance for you to show your ‘maturity’ to your parents by being just in accommodations of both rights and duties on yourself. Remember, the best con is one where everyone gets just what they wanted.

Let us know how you convince your parents to say yes in the comments down below!

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