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How To Get A Job At Google: Hacking & Cracking Tricks

How to Get A Job at Google?

Google has topped the list of the 100 most desirable companies, for the seventh time, in 2016.

And this is why everybody is striving to get a job at the company.

Nearly 2 million candidates, each year, apply for a job at Google. Out of which, only 5,000 are employed.

The chances are scanty. Indeed scanty.

But, the perks of working at the company are what make the efforts worth it. You do not only get the prestige of working at world’s most desirable workplace but also a stack of other benefits.

Onsite and offsite medical facilities. Parental leaves. Death benefits. Saving plans. Physical therapy and massage services. Campus cafes. Nutritious meals. Travel allowances. Retirement savings. And a lot more.

But, how? While already hundreds of thousands of candidates are making utmost efforts to get a job at the company, how will you stir your chances?

Read on to find out how to get a job at Google 🙂

Job Opportunities Available

Google hires in the following fields:

Points To Consider While Applying

  • Read the description of each job that entices you very carefully.
  • Apply for a job/jobs that best suit your interest, knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • Write in detail about the projects and internships that you’ve done or undergone.
  • For Google, leadership is one of the most important qualities they seek for in a candidate. So, if you have any sort of leadership experience, have no scruples in detailing it. Mention things like the size of the team, the technique, and the outcome.
  • Make sure your resume is short, precise, and contains only the relevant details.
  • Double check for any grammatical mistakes and typos.

How To Prepare For The Interview?

Laszlo Bock, the senior vice president of people operations at Google, suggests the following ways to ace a Google interview:

  • Bock says that you can predict nearly 90% of the interview questions. Just Google ‘the most common interview questions,’ and shortlist any 20 that you think the interviewers will ask you according to your field, experience, and other personal details.
  • Now, prepare your answers for the shortlisted questions, Laszlo says that it is always better to stay prepared in advance than to ponder over the questions during the interview.
  • He insists that you prepare at least three answers to each question. The reason, he says, is that if you did not get a positive response from the first interviewer, you’ll have another answer prepared for the next interviewer.
  • Always answer a question that investigates your abilities through examples or facts. For instance, if they ask how adaptable you are, narrate them the story of any past experience that substantiates your point.
  • And the most important- PRACTICE!!! Practice a lot. Do not take the interview for granted.

You can also check out Laszlo’s book- Work Rules that shares interesting Google work culture insights.

What Qualities Does Google Look For In A Candidate?

The qualities that the company values the most:

  • The ability and zeal to learn new things, and adapt to different situations.
  • Out of the box thinking- Google loves candidates who present fresh perspectives.
  • Google appreciates candidates who are modest enough to take responsibility for any mistake. And, are always ready to learn and give in to a better idea suggested by someone else.
  • Google values your skills over your degrees. How you apply your knowledge to work is what matters the most to them.
  • Leadership quality- But, they are specific about the kind of leadership they sought.

Don’t tell them that you were a team leader in your previous office. Instead, give details of how you lead the team and what was the outcome.

So, this was it. Securing a job at Google is, yes, difficult. But, if you take care of the things mentioned above, and are serious, your chances are pretty good. Go ahead, break a leg!

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