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How To Become A Professional Makeup Artist

How To Become A Professional Makeup Artist

There have been endless jokes, debates and memes over the internet claiming how makeup is fake, how the one who wears it is fake.

But it is as beautiful as anything, as beautiful as soul, why to apply for the sake of something that makes you better, it is more like declining the effect of education on you in your growth as a person.

Makeup is an artist; you are the object of art.

The times are changing, the days and night are undivided now, so are the career options. The dictatorship and hegemony of the illustrious careers are fading like the coming of Trump.

Have always played with the brushes and know the perfect way to contour?

Love to express your art on the faces using brushes and the products?

Here’s a short and crisp guideline to be one.

In this article, you will get an insight on how to become a makeup artist.

Who Is A Makeup Artist?

Someone who is trained to apply makeup on the body and prosthetics for the fashion and entertainment industry.

What Does A Makeup Artist Do?

The definitions change with time, same’s with this profession. A composition person is no more just someone who does only hides the flaws of the skin. But a considerate artist who enhances the outer appearance of a person, concealing the skin flaws, even toning using cosmetic products.

Makeup artists create imaginative characters, changes the outlook, transforms the features and what not. They surely can make you look anything, the magicians they are.

Minimum Qualifications To Become A Makeup Artist

Are you wondering how to become a professional makeup artist?

There are no said requirements, but it is better and more feasible if you –

  • Have done a course or training in the field of makeup.
  • Have Portfolio work to showcase
  • Assist with a makeup team or artist
  • Follow up with a fashion photographer
  • Find part-time employment for doing make-up and hair for the extras in crowd scenes.

As the above-mentioned things help you gain knowledge, in a vast manner in the aspects of books and field. 

Skills Required To Become A Makeup Artist

The following occupation belongs to a certain industry where one has to be good with work and contacts/references:

  • Fancy vision
  • Attentive
  • Vivid imagination
  • Inventiveness
  • Courteous manner
  • Attention to particular things
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Willing to work for distinctive and long hours

Working Hours, Patterns, and Environment

The working schedule is not the 9 to 4 one; the work shifts usually depend on the client requirement.

And the timings and schedules may stretch accordingly.

Before joining the industry, one must keep the following in mind.

Wondering How Long Does It Takes To Be A Makeup Artist?

It will take you nearly eight months to 2 years to become a licensed cosmetologist if you plan to be a professional one.

Average Salary

Now that we know how to become a makeup artist, let’s see how much these artists earn.

The salary varies in this field, dependent on the client, experience and the project(s).

The remuneration charged depends on the per face/ hour or day sessions.

The salary may start from 5,000 – 2 lakh.

Career Option For A Makeup Artist

Everyone needs a makeup artist these days, at least for special days.

There are endless places where these professionals are needed. Some are shortlisted here:

  • Salons
  • Spa’s
  • Weddings and special events
  • Photo shoots
  • Theater
  • Special effects
  • Mortuary makeup
  • Cosmetics Marketing and Development Manage
  • Cosmetic Promotional Coordinator
  • Professor
  • In Fashion industry
  • Body and face painting

Some worldwide famous makeup artists you should follow

Rolling sources of inspiration for (aspiring) make-up artists

The outsourcing of technology has played a significant role in the growth of the most artistic but under-rated careers. The social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest individually works as the enthusiasts for the one who desires to work as a professional make-up artist. As these platforms are highly visual.

You may subscribe to your favorite artists’ blogs to get updated about the latest trends.

You may also look and subscribe to some of the top cosmetic periodicals like Makeup Artist Magazine and Beauty, Allure.

You can watch out a day in the life of a makeup artist in the following video:

Best Makeup Schools In India

Professional Makeup Artist Comprehensive Book, listed on the most trusted and user-friendly website, Amazon. Order directly from here.


Online professional makeup artist courses by online makeup academy. Here.

Eventually, it’s your passion that leads you to the heights and helps you achieve what you dream about.

We hope the following article helped you enough to kickstart your career as a professional artist both in terms of boosting up and information leading to achieve the goal.

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