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How To Become A Fitness Instructor: Skills Required & Training Institutes

How To Become A Fitness Instructor- Skills Required & Training Institutes

Unlike the previous times, people today are choosing fitness training as a full-time gig. In fact, it has turned out to be a lucrative career alternative among people.

A surge in fitness training career options has occurred due to increased inclination of people toward health and fitness.

So, if you too love to stay in shape and advice the same to others, this could be a great career alternative for you.

But before you start, a thorough knowledge of the field could help in churning out more benefits from this profession.

Who Can Become a Fitness Instructor?

One can choose any of the following educational paths to become a professional fitness trainer:

  • Students who have studied PCB+English in 12th and pursued a Biology course during graduation.

A student from Biology background gets an edge over others as a proficient fitness trainer should have deep knowledge of human anatomy. And being a Biology student will help you gain a better understanding of the same.

  • Those with a degree in Bachelor’s in Physical Education along with a diploma or certificate in Fitness Training.
  • Anyone who’s passionate about maintaining and helping people towards better health.

But before choosing a fitness course, it is advisable to decide a particular category.

For instance: If you wish to become a yoga instructor, pursue a course in yoga training. Same goes with Personal Training, Aerobics, and Martial Art.

Types of Fitness Instructors

There are varied streams/types of trainers or instructors. One can either specialize in a particular area or work as an all-rounder.  The most common categories of trainers or instructors are:

  • Clinical Exercise Instructor

There are instructors who work with patients to help them recover a disease. These instructors are known as Clinical Exercise Instructor.

  • Gym or Group Trainer

Gym or Group Trainers are the one who works in the gym. They instruct and train their clients in a group.

  • Aerobics Instructor

An aerobics instructor is the one who is proficient in all sorts of aerobic exercises such as stretching, running, swimming, and cycling.

  • Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are the one’s who provide fitness training to a particular client at a time. The training is provided either in the public gym or at the client’s place.

  • Yoga Trainer

A yoga trainer is the one who’s proficient in all yoga asanas and teaches the same to his/her clients.

  • Celebrity Trainer

As the name suggests, Celebrity trainers work for maintaining the health and fitness of celebrities.

Skills Required To Become A Proficient Fitness Instructor

A career in fitness training might not rewarding in the beginning, but the longer you stay, the higher are the chances of success.

Though a relevant degree and practical training help in gaining the lead, there are certain skills that can help you maintain the lead.

Along with gaining the knowledge, focus on following skills to have a flourishing career ahead.

  • Patience: to deal with all sorts of clients.
  • Humbleness: to talk appropriately and respectfully with your clients.
  • Confidence: to solve the issues of your customers.
  • Good Communication Skills: to interact effortlessly with the trainees.
  • Passion: to show your genuine love for fitness.
  • Inquisitiveness: to stay updated with the latest fitness trends.

Popular Fitness Training Institutes In India

You don’t require a specific degree or certificate to become a fitness instructor. Also, it isn’t mandatory to be from a specific field, namely, Science, Commerce, and Arts to pursue this career.

However, for better prospects, one can pursue a specialized course from the renowned institutions.

A plenty of institutions are offering courses in sports and fitness. Some of these are listed below:

Fitness training is an offbeat yet lucrative career alternative. And apart from degree and knowledge, you should have a genuine love towards the profession.

Therefore, before choosing it as your career make sure that you have that passion.

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