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15 Important Goal Setting Tools & Apps

15 Important Goal Setting Tools & Apps

Ever since childhood, I have often heard the word GOAL. I have heard and seen a lot of goal setting examples. And, by now, I know that you too have many encounters with this word.

Probably, that’s the reason you are here, reading this article. But, that’s not the concern. There are a lot of people like you and me.

We often read, see, and hear people talking about setting and expressing their goals. There are a lot of goal setting examples around us.

But, the question is – why do we need to set goals?

Why is it helpful?, And

How to actually set our goals?

Before I talk about the purpose of setting goal(s), I would discuss what it really means.

Meaning of the word- GOAL

A goal is the end result, which a person expects to achieve, through his/her actions, efforts, and intentions. It can be anything from an object to a destination to a skill to a job title. It differs from person to person.

What is a goal

Source: Milewalk

For instance: One of my friends loves to sing. She wants to become a playback singer in Bollywood. So, she joined a singing course. She’s taking personal coaching as well. She practices daily, performs at various shows, and tries to get as much exposure as she could.

In the above example, the goal is a job title and i.e., playback singing.

And efforts are:-

  • Joining a course and personal coaching to hone skills.
  • Practicing a lot.
  • Performing at shows.
  • Getting as much exposure as possible.

Now coming back to my previous question-

Why do we need to set goals?

Setting goals helps you set purpose. They help you find a reason behind any particular task. Therefore, it is mandatory to set goals to understand what you expect from your life. It gives a direction to your life.

Here, I have shared one of my favorite goal setting activities. This goal setting activity will help you discover your goals.

Below, I have mentioned a few statements in two sections. Read and find the difference.

Section 1

  • I want to score well in exams.
  • I want a dream job.
  • I want to do something big in life.
  • I want to be independent in my life.

Section 2

  • I want to score 90+ in exams.
  • I want to work as a Fashion Photographer or Painter.
  • I want to settle in Australia by the age of 26.
  • I want to buy my own house in next 5 years.
  • I want to buy my favorite car in next 3 years.
  • I want to own a company and run it successfully in next 7 years.

And here’s the difference. While section 1 comprises vague and undefined goals, section 2 goals are definite, measurable, and have a time limit. They are clearer and more understandable.

So don’t just set goals in fact set attainable and definite goals.

Set Goals Right Now

Source: Giphy

Set a  S.M.A.R.T. goal. That is-

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Setting a smart goal will present a clearer picture of your future.

So, we have found an answer to the question- what are your goals. However setting goals is just the beginning. A lot is to be done to realize them. So the another question that comes into picture is-

How to achieve your goals?

Goals motivate you to keep going. They build up confidence and help you analyze your performance from time to time. But, of course, reaching your destination is not an overnight journey. It needs an action plan, constant inspiration, and strong determination.

Achieving a goal involves accomplishing many interlinked smaller goals. It requires a plan and a lot of task management.

In short, we can say that it involves well-defined and well-managed steps to reach the final destination.

How to achieve & goals- task management strategies

Source: Zapier

And as planning and execution involve a lot of task management. Here, I have 15 tools/apps for goal setting. These goal setting tools will make your task a lot more easier and simpler.

So, grab your gadgets and have access to these goal setting tools, asap.

Goal Setting Tools

Nozbe can be download in your iphones, macbooks, android phones and tablets, and windows phone.

One can use it as an web app in iphones, ipad, and android phones & tablets.

You can use it either on web by signing up or on your iphones, ipads, and macbooks.

You can download it in your iphone, Android phone or by signing up at coach.me.com.

It is available for iphone users.

You can use this program by signing up at irunurun.com or download it in your iphones.

You can sign in at goal-buddy.com to begin.

Goalenforcer software can be downloaded in windows (10, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP) and MAC OS X.

Sign in at goalscape.com to begin.

You can either sign in at goalsontrack.com or download it in your iphone or android phones.

Start using this app by signing in at joesgoals.com.

You can use this app in your iphones and android phones or by simply adding it to chrome.

Sign up at stick.com and you are all set to start this program. It’s app is available for android users only. Click here to download the app.

You can either create a free account at wunderlust.com or download the app for your iphone/android phone.

You can use this app in your iphone. Click here to download the app.

The bigger the list, greater are the options to choose from. So, select the one that you like the most. Though they are all most similar, but does have one or another distinguishing feature. So, get access to these programs and plan the journey to reach your destination. Good Luck!

Remember that-

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by actions makes your dreams come true.”                    

      – Greg S. Reid

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