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Useful & Free Online Resources To Learn Fashion Designing

Free Online Resources To Learn Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is an obvious career choice for those who love fashion, designing, and crafting. The job of a designer is all about being imaginative and innovative while keeping pace with the trends.

Playing with diverse colors, textures, and patterns needs you to be really creative. It needs you to have a passion for visualizing new designs. And to be a part of every step that goes into making a beautiful outfit or accessory.

So, if you have got what it takes, then I have some easy to access online resources to get you started.

If you are confused, take this interesting test to check your eligibility for a career in fashion designing.

Fashion Designing is not merely a career choice. People also want to learn it so that they can design and/or create their own clothes. Because, of course, when it comes to fashion, no one likes to lag behind.

Every aspiring fashion designer endeavors to enroll in the best fashion designing colleges like National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). But as the seats there are quite limited, a lot of students have to do with other designing institutions. Some of which are really expensive. Not everyone can bear the expenses of going to these regular fashion institutes.

And if you are also among those who can’t afford the time and money to go to a formal fashion school, you are at the right place.

To become a successful fashion designer you don’t need a fashion school. 

Ralph Lauren, who is one of the most successful American Fashion Designers, never went to a fashion school. And our very own Manish Malhotra, too, never had a formal fashion education.

If they made it this big without any formal degrees, why can’t you?

Okay! I know these are some of the exceptional examples. So don’t worry. I am not asking you to not go for any courses. I am only asking you to go for fashion designing courses online.

Yes, most big companies prefer employees having formal education. But if you are more into starting your own business, formal education is not at all mandatory. Besides, some of the companies still prefer candidates for their talent.

Want to learn Fashion Designing from the pros without spending a penny? University of Fashion is all that you are looking for.

The website has many free tutorials from experienced college professors. You can also subscribe to the paid lessons. The paid lessons are more advanced but if you are a beginner, free lessons are good enough.

If you are not satisfied with this one, that is fine. Because there is plenty of other online resources available. I have listed here some of the best online fashion designing courses and Youtube channels.

Check out these exciting free fashion designing learning resources. And don’t let the lack of time and money stop you from realizing your dream career.

Youtube Channels To Learn Fashion Designing:

A perfect place for absolute beginners. The channel has simple videos that cover all your basic issues with stitching.

A place where you can learn next level sewing techniques with lessons that are easy enough for even a beginner. If you are done with beginner’s level stitching and designing, this is the place for you.

The channel has hundreds of free sewing tutorials from professional designers and designing professors. If learning from pros is what you desire, All Free Sewing is just the place.

A non-fancy channel with simple yet brilliant sewing lessons for beginners. The channel will give you the feel of learning to stitch from a next-door neighbor.

Craftsy is another place for lessons on sewing and knitting. The channel also contains videos on other interesting topics like cake making and cookie baking.

The channel has videos on almost any fashion designing topic that you are interested in.

Some Free Online Fashion Design Courses:

The dream of becoming a professional designer seems more real now, doesn’t it?

In fact, not only fashion designing. The availability of free online resources in abundance has made it smoother for anyone to discern his/her dreams. Whether you are a student, a working professional, or someone who is planning to switch career, these online resources are perfect for you.

All you need to have to benefit from these courses: a passion for learning, maintaining consistency, regular practice, and, of course, a good internet connection.

Start with subscribing anyone Youtube channel and supplement it with subscribing any one of the above free courses. Practice regularly and realize your dream of becoming the fashion designer that everyone seeks.

Good Luck! And if you know about any other such free fashion design courses, blogs, vlogs, or apps, I would love to hear about them in the comment section below 🙂

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