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Economics Honours: Eligibility, Duration, Career Options, & Top Colleges

Economics Hons

“Economics is all about making choices,” and so, is closely associated with our day-to-day life like Mathematics and Science. However, in a deeper sense, economics gives us an insight of global issues of inflation, resource management, supply and demand behavior of a product, and a lot more.

Being one of the most sought-after career options after 12th, it encompasses various myths, like economics students study only about money, the subject is boring and stagnant, economics students get preference over B.Com students, and the last but not the least economics students have a lot of high paying jobs in their bag (which the students direly wish to be true but isn’t really a truth).

Well, despite these myths and lies, Economics is among the most preferred subjects amidst the students. Also, the course suits the best to the students who have a flair for quantitative aptitude, statistics, and skills of memorization & logical thinking as; the subject is overly stuffed with facts and figures.

Getting admission in Economics Honours is quite difficult, still, a significant number of students enroll for this course every year. Here, we have enlisted all the information one should know; if planning to pursue graduation in Economics Honours.

Economics Honours Duration

The duration of the course is three years.

Economics Honours Eligibility

The minimum eligibility for Economics honours is 10+2.  Admission is made on the basis of merit lists generated by the colleges. It’s an absolute commerce course (Mathematics 12th is a must).

Types of Undergraduate Courses in Economics Honours

  • B.A. (Hons.) Economics
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics

The only difference between the two is, B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics includes more practical aspects as compared to B.A. (Hons.) Economics. Further, to get admission in B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics, one must have studied his/her XII in Science stream.

Top Colleges To Study Economics Honours

Economics Honours Prospects

After graduating in economics, one can either enroll for further studies or can apply for a job. The field offers a plethora of options in both the cases. Below we have listed the career options and the courses the students can pursue, after a graduation degree in Economics Hons.

Career Options After Economics Honours

There are endless opportunities for economics graduates in both public as well as the private sector. Each sector proffers an array of employment opportunities in this field. The Government sector offers jobs in Reserve Bank of India, PSUs and other public sector banks whereas Private sector includes jobs in MNCs, BPOs, KPOs, business journals, private banks, and newspapers. Undoubtedly, these jobs will give you social prestige along with financial stability.

Moreover, deserving candidates will not find it hard to grab a job with fairly good remuneration.

Various sectors offer good job opportunities to those having a degree in economics. Some of the sectors having huge job prospects are given below. While for some posts, just an undergraduate degree is sufficient, for some others one must have a postgraduate degree.

  1. Accounting
  2. Auditor
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Insurance Investment
  5. Marketing
  6. Stock Broker
  7. Media Analyst
  8. Management
  9. Manufacturing
  10. Advertising
  11. Communication
  12. Actuarial
  13. Education and Research
  14. Retailing
  15. System Analysis

Associated Job Profiles (After a masters’ degree)

  1. Economist
  2. Economic Advisor
  3. Executive
  4. Analyst
  5. Consultant
  6. Researcher
  7. Financial Analyst
  8. Business Analyst
  9. Economic Research Analyst, and
  10. Stock Market Analyst.

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Higher Study Options In Economics Honours

Students can pursue a job just after their graduation but going for further studies, i.e., postgraduate degrees followed by doctorate is beneficial for obvious reasons. It will help you grab better job opportunities.

Here are some of the PG courses which you can choose after completing an undergraduate course in Economics Honors.

  1. M.A. in Economics,
  2. M.A. in Analytical & Applied Economics,
  3. M.A. in Applied Economics,
  4. M.A. in Business Economics,
  5. M.A. in Corporation and Applied Economics,
  6. M.A. in Econometrics,
  7. M.A. in Indian Economics,
  8. M.A. in Quantitative Economics.
  9. MBA (Business Economics)
  10. M.Sc. (Applied Economics),
  11. M.Sc. (Mathematical Economics),
  12. MBE (Master of Business Economics), and
  13. Post-graduate Diploma Courses in varied fields of Economics such as Applied Economics and Econometrics.

Economics is deeply intermingled with our lives; it is all about the world around us. It hones our analyzing skills and helps us in taking well-informed decisions. There is no denying the fact that the students having in-depth knowledge about this subject are in much demand.

Needless to say, Economics Honors like every other course, demands interest in the subject. Studying Economics is a rigorous task; it involves a large amount of dedication and hard work. So, doing it for the sake of status, or worse, parents or relatives; you will end up with regret. One needs to make up his/her mind before taking up this course.

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