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Don’t Get Lost In The Race Of Joining Colleges!


Ask yourself.

What do you actually like doing?

The college with the highest cut-offs might not offer the course that makes your heart sing.

Your friends might just care about getting a “paper certificate” that gives them permission to work.

But you’re different.

You are not a mindless runner in this race.

Hell, most days you wish there were no race.

Okay, for the next five minutes, the race has been halted!

Everyone is requested to stay where they are.

Sit down if you’re too tired of running.

Take a deep breath.

Ask yourself: Why are you running and where is it that you’re running to?

“To a better life and a good job – By getting into the best college ever”, says someone to your left.

In India, one of every three graduates in the age group 15 to 29 years is unemployed.

-“Haan aisa hoga. Par vo achhe college se nahi hoge. Main toh top college mein jaauga”, says someone to your right.

But you’re not convinced.

They’re missing an important point.

They’ve forgotten an important word.


They were all running the race just like you.

But you remember what it feels like to be passionate about something.

You might not feel that way anymore, but you remember the feeling.

It’s time to stop running, dear child.

This gentleman doesn't seem to be going anywhere. What is he doing?

This gentleman doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. What is he doing?

What are you passionate about?

You say you don’t know.

Well, let’s find your passion then!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make a list of everything that you find interesting
  2. Now do these things one by one. Explore these worlds.
  3. Make another list of things you still like after doing them, and order them from the most favorite to the least favorite
  4. Now look at the kind of future careers available for your top most interests, or a combination of them. (Do you want to be a doctor but love dancing? –Hello, dance therapy!)
  5. Look for colleges that offer these courses and see what you need to get there.
  6. Do what it takes and keep learning.

There will be dark days then you’re almost given up, but you’ll carry on.

Because you remember what it feels –

You remember what it feels like to be passionate about something.

If all of us do this, the race would cease to exist.

We would all be travelers in infinite directions pursuing what we find to be most interesting.

And that is the point of learning: To be better at doing the things we like doing.

And perhaps once we’re good enough in them, we can change the world.

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