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Despite Having A Faulty Vision, She Cleared UK Exams

Despite Having A Faulty Vision, She Cleared UK Exams

At such an early age, the girl has stunned everyone with her willpower. After being diagnosed with the disease, she was advised to take a year off to recover. But, she refused.

Her friends called her crazy for even attempting the exams when she had attended only a few classes. But, she was headstrong about her decision and was staunch enough that she went straight to the headteacher and convinced him to allow the girl to sit for the exams.

And the result is known to all. This girl from Villiers High School, Southall, West London cleared her A-Levels with C in Theatre Studies and English, and D in Politics.

“I couldn’t be more pleased for Simran. She is a real example to everyone – students and teachers,” said her teacher Patrick Cootes

She had a faulty vision while preparing for the exams. But, for her, it was more a challenge than a frailty.

‘I just thought to myself, I’m not going to let this beat me. I had come so far and I thought I wasn’t going to give up.’ she said.

In July this year, after her exams, she went through a surgery to cure her ailment. Today, Simran has a healthy sight. However, she perceives this jaunt to be a  time of her life.

Simran’s inspirational story has set an example for all of us. If this 18 year old young girl can beat such a morbidity, why can’t anyone else?

Image Source: Mirror.co.uk

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