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19 Cool & Interesting Jobs In The World

19 Most Interesting Jobs In The World

The most recurring traits among successful people: They do not follow but hew their own ways. They dare to step out of comfort zones. They don’t fret about the people judging them. They just do what they do- with all the zest, zeal, and fidelity.

I am not sure if these are the sure shot ways to success. But these are certainly the best ways to a content life.

While most of us are still aimlessly following the conventional career options, some people have kicked all the roadblocks to choose the quirkiest and most exciting careers in the world.

When you are following your passion and interest, no work can be unexciting and samey. But the jobs mentioned here are interesting in their own weird ways.

Here, have a look at the 19 most interesting career choices in the world:

  • Skydiving Instructors

Job As A Skydiving Instructor


Just the thought of it gives me goosebumps.

My farthest imagination is to do it once in my life. But there are people who do it every day. Yes, they challenge this more than thrilling fright daily. And Nathaniel “Shaggy” Isaacson, 22, is one among them.

Isaacson is a skydiving instructor at Skydive Greene County in Xenia, Ohio. He works for 7-8 months in a year. And spends the rest of the year vacationing. His job is to free fall with his trainees, and he does it 7 days a week.

Being acrophobic, this is even beyond being a dream job for me. But I am sure that it has quivered all you height and adventure lovers. 

  • Travel-Food-Show Hosts

Travel-food-shows are among the most fun things to watch on T.V.


Highway on My Plate (HOMP), hosted by Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma, is one such show. These two guys, who happen to be childhood pals, travel to different states and cities in the country.

They savor authentic cuisines while sitting in roadside dhabas, small food stalls, and sometimes five stars. Traveling to exquisite locations and gorging on lip-smacking food puts their jobs one of the most enjoyable careers.

  • Make-up Artists

Makeup Artists

Being the reason behind a celebrity’s vibrantly glowing face must feel great. Make-up artists have the kind of jobs where they can hone their artistic abilities.

They experiment with different colors and products. They often get to travel to fascinating destinations, that too for free.

They, obviously, work with the people who we die to meet. And they not only work with famous people but also make friends with them. This is certainly one of the most interesting career choices to make.

  • Hotel Reviewers

Hotel Reviewer

Did you know that some companies pay you to stay in lavish hotels?

Hotel reviewers stay in luxury hotels and critically analyze every detail. They use these details to write reviews or entire blog posts about the particular hotel.

Travel companies pay hefty amounts to these reviewers. The work hours are flexible. And the workplace is majestic.

  • Bicycle Messengers

Bicycle Messengers

Bicycle messengers, as the name suggests, are people who deliver couriers on bicycles.

While everybody else is stuck in nauseous traffic jams, bicycle messengers take to the less busy roads. They ride their bicycles from one place to another, the whole day.

  • Blimp Pilots

Blimp Pilots Image Source

A blimp, to me, seems like a cuter version of airplanes. How much fun must be piloting these lovely huge bubbles?

Blimp pilots fly a blimp to advertise for various purposes.

In an interview with CNBC, Bill Bayliss’, senior blimp pilot with Goodyear said:

“One thing we really enjoy is it’s always different, … whether we’re doing TV coverage for a variety of sports and entertainment reasons or we’re doing passenger rides,”

Being a soccer fan, Bayliss really enjoyed covering Landon Donovan’s retirement game for the LA Galaxy. Bayliss also enjoys taking passengers on joy rides. Isn’t this among the coolest jobs to have?

  • Greensman


Greensman is one of the crews on a film set. He is responsible for bringing and managing all the green stuff. He is the person who rents, plants, replants, and takes care of all the greenery- natural or synthetic- on a movie set.

Every beautiful leaf, petal, branch, or flower that you see in a movie is a part of Greensman’s duties.

  • Luxury Bed Testers

Bed Testing

This one is gonna sound zany to all you sleep lovers out there.


When you already enjoy your regular bed so much, how much more rapturous will these upmarket hotel beds be.

However, the only difference is: while hitting the sack at your home you don’t have to care about anything. But while testing a bed, you need to pay attention to every facet, for you will be asked for a detailed opinion.

Also, some companies ask you to blog about your sleeping experiences with these fancy beds. 

  • Fashion Photographers

Fashion Photography

A fashion photographer is someone who captures models depicting latest fashion trends. These photographers usually work for fashion magazines and make big bucks.

They work with the best designers. They travel to different exquisite locations.

The best part: They get to work with the sexiest people around 😉

  • Private Island Caretakers

Private Island Caretakers

That is just exhilarating.

I couldn’t believe the first time I heard about it. This job has got all that anyone could ever wish for.

It pays handsomely well. You live so close to nature: traffic jams, pollution, and the cantankerous city atmosphere are not a part of your life.

Peace, nature, diving into the sea, and being on your own are some of the perks. Besides, private islands are just super lavish. This is truly one of the most fun and exciting careers.

  • Cruise Ship Waiters

Cruise Ship Waiters

Waitering is one of the most common jobs for youngsters. However, waitering on a cruise ship is a whole lot different. Cruises are luxurious. And you get to be a part of the most beautiful voyages.

No doubt there are some dark sides to it: staying away from home, long working hours, not getting to sit all day long, and dealing with annoying customers.

But the experience of a moving workplace and the joy and adventure of being so close to the sea makes it one of the most exciting career choices.

  • Party Planners

Party Planners

As children, we always strived to be a part of planning our family functions. Sadly, no one let us.

However, what is amazing is that people get paid to plan parties. Party planners are responsible for everything: the food, the decor, the music. While they are under constant pressure to fulfill client expectations, there is always something fun about all the chaos of organizing functions.

  • Private Detectives

Private Detective

As Sherlock Holmes claims to be world’s only consulting detective the world always had to do with other detectives, which include private detectives.

A private detective is someone who solves various mysteries for their private clients. Though the job of a private detective is not as fancy as depicted in movies it is no less plucky and alluring than any other job on this list.

  • Bloggers


Yes, blogging is one of the mainstream jobs nowadays. But it is also one of the coolest jobs to have.

Because you can blog about anything. A blogger gets to share his passion, experience, or expertise with people. You can blog about fashion, travel, DIY, cooking, coding, writing, or anything that you are interested in.

Blogging is always interesting if you love to write and are writing about something you are passionate about.

Besides, no need to tell that successful blogger easily make millions.

  • Fashion Stylists

Fashion Stylists

Fashion styling is a really cool job, but it is not as easy as it seems. A fashion stylist has to maintain a balance between his own fashion sense and that of his client’s and also the trends.

The stylists need to stay updated with the latest fashion trends. They have to understand the client’s requirement.

The challenges are at par with many other jobs. But fashion styling is all about innovation and creativity. Anybody having a love for fashion would find it among the most fun and exciting careers.

  • Dog Walkers

Dog Walkers

Dogs have been our best friends for centuries. They are fun, friendly, and immensely affectionate. They are, arguably, the best pets.

Dog walkers walk dogs around. Besides, it is mostly rich pet owners that hire dog walkers. So dog walkers enjoy the privilege of walking around with the best breed of dogs.

Also, the job pays super well. In the US, dog walkers easily earn $1,00,000-$1,50,000 per annum. That too while working for around 25-35 hours per week. Ryan Stewart, a successful dog walker from the US, calls it full-time income for part-time work. So if you adore dogs, this could be one of the most exciting careers for you.

  • Scuba Diving Instructors

Scuba Diving Instructor

Yes, people are living this thrillingly dreamy life.

Tolan is one such man. He is a nomad scuba diving instructor. He is a single parent. He adopted a boy whom he raises and educates while trotting the globe.

According to Tolan, becoming a diving instructor is not an ideal job for those expecting to earn a six figure income. However, it is one of the most enjoyable careers for travel lovers having a passion for diving.

  • Ferrari Driving Instructors

Ferrari Driving Instructor

You don’t need to own a Ferrari to ride it.

Instead, become a Ferrari driving instructor. And ride a Ferrari each day (at least the working days). What is better than riding this luxury  car every day and getting paid for it?

  • Freelance Language Teachers

Freelance Language Teaching

This is my favorite on the list.

Maria Ortega-Garcia teaches English, French, and Spanish while traveling the world. She communicates and delivers lectures through Skype. The location of Maria and that of her students’ never alters the learning schedule.

Maria says she loves her job. While she loves to teach students belonging to different parts of the world, she has learned a lot from visiting different locations. She has become less judgmental and has started to appreciate different perspectives.

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