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What connects Emotional Quotient and your Dream Job?

All of us have admired the brilliance of the narcissistic, sarcastic and social misfit Dr. Gregory House, from Fox’s popular show House MD.  ‘A genius with side effects‘, is what they called him. Though, this ‘genius’ did manage to tug the strings of the hearts of his audience, his ‘side effects’ got too unbearable for his Hospital Princeton Plainsboro to retain him, eventually leading to his termination, rather unceremoniously, in Season 8. Not just his job, his emotional instability did cost him a lot of his major relationships as well.


Dr. House – Protagonist of House MD, due to his negligible social skills has a tough time with his staff and patients. (petabayt.com)

Man by his very nature, is a social being. We’ve been studying and hearing this since the first grade.  He is born in a society, he inhabits the society and dies in that very society. It is this intrinsic human trait juxtaposed with the need of the rampant global inter-connectedness, that has made Emotional Quotient (EQ) a very highly sought after attribute in today’s time.

WiseGeek defines Emotional intelligence or “Emotional Quotient (EQ)”, as “a measurement of a person’s ability to monitor his or her emotions, to cope with pressures and demands, and to control his or her thoughts and actions.” Life-Hack, traces the evolution of EQ as “something called “social intelligence” all the way back in the 1930’s, to “emotional strength” in the mid-20th century, to its current terminology, ‘emotional intelligence‘.” In this rife globalizing texture of the world and job market, to possess a great business acumen, and a great IQ,  is simply not enough – the market time and again demands and seeks for that ‘X factor‘, the biggest source of which is Emotional intelligence.

Experts have  theorized the issue of Emotional intelligence in great length and detail. However, a basic understanding of the same can be established by the following:

Diagram of emotional intelligence

Diagram of emotional intelligence, (thespiritscience.net)

There are 5 categories of emotional intelligence :

  • Self-awareness, a cognizance of one’s own emotion, and impulses.
  • Self management, ability to hone those impulses constructively, adapt to the twisted situations, and respond appropriately.
  • Self-motivation, the ability to stay calm, composed and undisturbed in times of crisis, and be geared for all kinds of challenges.
  • Empathy, a sense of compassion and harmony among colleagues
  • Social Skills.

Emotional intelligence touches upon every human interaction and transaction in any business, from staff motivation, to client service, from customer relations to brainstorming in company presentations. To ensure these attributes, it has become imperative for  recruiters to seek for employees, not just with promising degrees and requisite experience, but also high EQ levels. Many of the  big corporations have started, employing full-fledged EQ measurement tests to help determine how someone might handle a variety of situations and work towards maximum effectiveness.

The process and capability to assess people, develop relationships, use past experiences, resistance to change, judgement, competitive spirit, reaction to power and authority, and a lot more is evaluated in these EQ tests, for they help the employer determine one’s endurance and commitment, a value which employers constantly watch out for. To endow more importance to the avenue of EQ, many organisations have even included rewards, like ‘Most Congenial’, ‘Most Amiable‘, on the same Dias as that of the ‘Employee of the Year’, as an yearly/monthly ritual in their companies, to push employees towards greater Emotional Intelligence and ensure a ‘healthy’ professional environment around the company.

In view of the rising trend of importance being vested in  Emotional intelligence, perhaps it is time to hold back the hankering behind high IQ levels, and to look within, and introspect. Do you believe you are emotionally intelligent?Do believe you can deal with people effectively? How self-aware and self-motivated are you? Are your social skills restricted to posing for pictures and garnering likes? If you lack in any of these fields, the already competitive job market just got a little tougher to get into. What’s the solution? Be aware. Of yourself. Of the people around you. Of the company you keep. Of what you learn and how you implement it. Begin today. Now.

Perhaps its the time to ‘unfraaaand’ a few hundred friends and make few ‘real friends’ instead, and not invest so much in the social media but making one  more ‘social’ instead.

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