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8 Amazing Coding Jobs That Are Easier To Land

Wonder what job opportunities will be available if you learn to code? Or what all goes into creating, running and managing an entire website? Is Programming the only subject you’ll have to learn if you want to become a programmer?

These and a lot more questions generally come in the mind of every student who wishes to make a career in programming. Leaving aside the creation of a website, coding can offer an immense range of roles developing you into an extremely strong and competitive candidate during your job hunt.


Coding is what makes it possible for us to develop websites, Android applications, and even computer software. All the apps in your phone, ‘Facebook’, the browser that you’re working on, the operating system, as well as this website – they’re all made with codes!


It will display the text ‘Hello, world!’ onto the screen!

Is Programming the only subject you’ll have to learn if you want to become a programmer?

1Meet Coursera: Your New Best Friend

So let’s get to the insights of this question. No, programming is not the only subject that you’ll learn if you want to become a programmer. No doubt coding is tough, but it also involves various other techniques and skills that you can expertise in. You can even learn basic introduction to CS ONLINE! The best resources to learn these online are:

  1. Udacity – Introduction to Computer Science
  2. Coursera – Computer Science 101
  3. MIT Intro to Programming in Java
  4. Google’s Python Class
  5. Brown University – Introduction to Programming Language

And a lot more! You can even go on and learn the different programming languages, some of which are JavaScript, CSS & HTML, Ruby, PHP, C, Perl, Shell Script, Lisp, Scheme, etc. Learn how to catch bugs, create tests, and break your own software! Develop a strong understanding of algorithms and data structures, learn artificial intelligence, learn cryptography and even parallel programming.

So let’s get into knowing the different coding jobs that are easier to land.

  • Content Marketer

Since the code has become the basis for most of our marketing today, content marketers should know how to code. Content marketing is a vast area which includes strategically developing and distributing different types of content to increase a company’s profits. It is basically using the content—like blog posts, infographics, videos, and even podcasts as a way to attract customers.

Content Marketer Coding Job

Image Source: Jeff Bullas

So, to highlight the role of content on a social website, this image will certainly clear your doubts.

  • Approximately $135 billion was consumed on digital marketing content in 2014
  • 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing
  • 65% of your audience are “visual learners.”
  • 52% of all the content marketers have found clients via Facebook.

Nowadays, companies are looking for content marketers who are familiar with HTML (for formatting blog posts), SEO best practices, software skills like MS Office Suite, HubSpot, Google Drive, Marketo, CMS (WordPress, Drupal) along with Adobe products like Photoshop or Illustrator.

For such a job, you don’t have to become a master programmer, but you just have to know the HTML and CMS basics which can make you a standout candidate in the field of content marketing.

  • Customer Support

Customer Support Coding Job

This is a type of job that will require you to assist the customers in installing, troubleshooting, or updating their product. Once you know how to code, you can easily work for software companies or online services. Depending on their product/service customer support varies from company to company . With a detailed knowledge of coding, you can make use of the various cases of product and can solve the issue more efficiently. It will help you be a better customer support specialist. 

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  • Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Marketing Coding Job

Digital Marketing Analysts use numbers, collect, analyse, and summarise the requisite data from the company website, social media or email. They rely on a variety of web analytic engines like Google Analytics, Heap, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, and a lot more!

Primarily used in the marketing landscape of a company, this job requires you to obtain insights from the data, figure out the existing trends that can be used to improve the overall user experience, grow the company’s audience, and ultimately result in more customers.

  • Growth Hacker

Growth Hacker Coding Job

Growth Hackers also come under the marketing category. The main area that they should possess expertise in is increasing the user base of a product or service of a company. The job is to experiment and determine the different marketing channels and methods which are effective and efficient for the growth of the company. Growth hackers are defined as the marketers, engineers, and product managers all rolled into one, with a singular focus on engaging with new customers.

As it’s a composite role, coding is beneficial for the growth hackers. They can easily create a new landing page, build out other customer acquisition tools, command A/B tests, and perform other technical marketing assignments.

  • Instructional Designer

Instructional Designer Coding Job

Instructional designers create content and develop instructional material. Their role varies from company to company. They have various functions to adhere to – from analyzing the learner’s requirements and goals and drafting and outlining the curriculum to writing the entire lessons.

Also, many instructional designers have to build the entire curriculum. It can also involve writing programs to grade online quizzes, accept homework, etc.

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  • Product Manager

Product Manager Coding Job

Product managers are those who are referred to as the “product CEO” because they lead the entire cross-functional teams that are building the product as well as the company. These are usually required in technology companies and are the main point of interaction between the on-the-ground development/implementation teams and high-up executives. Coding helps them to communicate with the engineering and designing teams; they can also explain their goals for the product. Product managers are also responsible for market research and analytics.

  • Technical Writer

Technical Writer Coding Job

 Just as the name suggests, technical writers write about technical topics. They document every single form of product or service, create instruction manuals, online knowledge bases, educational tutorials, and more such content.

Technical writers who have an idea about coding are valuable because they have a personal experience working with technology.

These people understand the technicalities in a way a regular writer can not. Nowadays, top companies like Google are hiring technical writers all the time and are offering  handsome remuneration than other writing professionals, along with salaries often double what a copywriter might make.

  • User experience (UX) designer

User Experience Coding Job

UX designing is all about increasing user satisfaction on a website. UX designers’ duties usually include conducting user research, building product wireframes, and making iterations based on feedback. They make a product easy and enjoyable to use. Basic front-end web development skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript makes a UX Desinger all the more effective in the market.

So, there you are! Coding is beneficial in a vast range of roles. Starting from content creation to design and even management. It clearly defines that you’re a flexible employee. You can work on projects with other programmers, practice your algorithmic knowledge and coding expertise, become a teaching assistant and also gain internship experience in software engineering.

Conclusively, adding even the simplest coding skills to your resume or LinkedIn profile will make you stand out of the crowd. So, don’t you worry if you’re only familiar with the basics of coding. There are thousands of job opportunities that you can land into! All the Best 🙂

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