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Top Career Options In Foreign Languages

Top Career Options In Foreign Languages

Language is the means to express yourself to others. Be it your words, expressions or signs, all are the mediums through which we express ourselves. It is our ability to communicate which forms a base to create bond and understanding between each other.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language,  that goes to his heart.”

-Nelson Mandela

Over the past several decades, English has been a global lingua Franca, but a need for experts in several other foreign languages has increased extensively by the virtue of globalization.

One of the quotes by Mahatma Gandhi says “No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.” We cannot live a life of isolation; communication is a necessary thing. It is amongst the major factors that drive our life and helps us become a better individual.

Languages like Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Arabic have emerged with a wider scope in the recent times. It is evident that there is no dearth of job opportunities for those seeking a career in foreign languages.

Above that, learning other languages gives a boost to our personality and stretches the boundaries further, giving us a broader exposure to the world. It has been aptly said by Frank Smith, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

Be it education sector, the corporate world or any creative job profile like writing, editing or journalism, foreign languages have a significant impact on all of them.

Gone are the times when learning a foreign language was only a vocational course.  Now, the language degree holders are available with a lot of thriving career options before them. One can grasp a job solely on the basis of a foreign language degree.

  • Educationist

Career As An Educationist After Learning A Foreign Language

Foreign language provides a vast scope as an educationist. It offers copious career prospects in the field of education. One can work as a mentor, guide, faculty or a home tutor after acquiring a language degree.

Due to the shortage of good teachers, many educational institutions are unable to start foreign language courses. Thus, it is clear that demand for teachers in schools, colleges, and coaching institutes is at its peak.

The permanent govt. teachers are paid as per the UGC scale, revised on the basis of the 6th Pay Commission whilst the teachers working at private institutions are paid around Rs. 600-700 per hour.

To work as a school language teacher, one should at least have a Bachelor’s Degree while having a Masters Degree widens the horizon to a great extent.

Besides, one must hold an M.Phil. and a Ph.D. Degree, to be a college professor.

  • Interpreter and Translator

Career As An Interpreter/Translator

The language interpreters or the translators are the ones who deal with converting the information from one language to another. The only basic difference between the two is that an Interpreter translates orally whereas the translator deals with converting the content into written form.

Having a deep knowledge and understanding of more than one language, and the talent to play with words are the pre-requisites of this profession.

One can choose to work as a freelance translator or interpreter. Although to procure better job options one needs to have a graduate or a postgraduate degree.

The other viable options include content editing, working at government organization like embassies, Ministry of External Affairs etc.

The employment rate for such professionals is likely to rise evidently in the coming years, which will be considerably higher than the other sectors. Presently, the median salary of an interpreter or a translator stands over $ 40,000/- per annum approximately.

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  • Content Writer

Career As A Content Writer After Learning A Foreign Language

Another lucrative option for language degree holders is content writing. Today, all the big companies are in dire need of good content writers. Having command over more than one language acts as an advantage and noticeably boosts the chances of getting a job.

Those having a flair for writing and a good hold on language can do great in this profession. Though it does not require any particular qualification to work as a content writer, people having a degree in communication or language are likely to be more inclined towards this field.

Freelance content writing is more prevalent in the market rather than working as a full-time content writer, as the former comes with an adjunct of flexible working hours and the comfort of working from home.

Presently, the annual salary for an entry-level content writer in India is Rs. 217,318. (Source: Payscale)

  • Linguistic Tour Guide

Career as a linguistic tour guide

India has always been on the top, offering breath-taking destinations to the tourists worldwide. Every year, the country’s rich and diverse cultural heritage attracts a large number of foreign tourists.

Due to increase in the number of tourists from countries like China, Japan, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, the guides well-versed in Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, French and German are in great demand.

If you yearn to travel, and interacting with new people is your cup of tea, then a career as a tour guide is a great opportunity for you.

One can do well in this field by becoming a licensed tour guide. Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, is the one issuing the licenses in this regard. Besides, it is necessary to have a good command over English and other foreign languages, and ability to interlace with the people.

  • Public Relation (PR) Officer

Career As A Public Relation Officer

A Public Relation Officer is the one who deals with managing the reputation of their client. They are required to deal with the individuals, government agencies and other concerned parties of the outside world.

A PR officer requires understanding, support skills, and tactics to influence the opinion and behavior of the concerned parties. On an average, they earn Rs. 252,480 per year.

They use a broad range of media to build and sustain healthy relationships between the employing organizations and their clients, through planned publicity campaigns and PR activities. Wherefore, having excellent communication skills is a necessity for a PR officer.

With the advent of globalization, companies seek for those candidates who have good command over multiple languages. English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and German are among the leading languages in the global market.

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  • Diplomats

Career As Diplomats

A diplomat in layman terms is the one who represents the country abroad on varied issues like political, economical and foreign trade. An Indian diplomat is also known as an Indian Foreign Services (IFS) officer.

These officers spend two-third of their lives abroad serving their country and protecting its national interests.

To become a diplomat one needs to clear the civil services exam which is among the most prestigious exams of the country and is highly competitive. To get through this exam one needs to put in rigorous efforts.

Though clearing the exam is a part of the process, general awareness and aptitude of the candidate plays a vital role in the selection process. The candidates are required to have proper awareness about the foreign countries.

In order to leave a fruitful impact on the foreign land, it is obligatory for the diplomat to have a complete hold on the native language of that country.

Consequently, if an IFS aspirant has a foreign language degree in his hand she/he certainly becomes more attractive to the selectors in comparison to the other qualified aspirants.

  • Career in Advertising

Career In Advertising

With the boom in globalization, every business entity is striving to become a globalized enterprise.

A business firm can sustain well in the global market, only if, it has the potential to allure the global customers. The customers are attracted to the sellers, who present a quality product in a compelling way.

Other than the quality of product, customer satisfaction also plays a vital role.  For this, it is necessary to advertise the product in a promising manner.

Good understanding and fluency in a foreign language are needed to promote the product amiably in the global market. Hence, such organizations always scout around for the individuals having a good hold over foreign languages.

  • Career in Media

Career In Media

Media has a lot to offer as a career in the prevalent time. Many individuals are coming forward to build a future in this field.

Be it television, print or online Journalism each of them requires updated information, excellent presentation skills, and a command over language.

So, if you are effable, easy-going and have dexterity with the language then a career in Media and Journalism is apposite for you.

English being a Universal language, is one of the most common medium to provide information. But with the increasing interlinkage among different countries of the world, English alone cannot do justice to Media industry.

If one intent to be a real journalist and desires to justify his/her work then, grasp over other foreign languages is an essential thing as per the present scenario.

With the current trend, it would be right to state that having a foreign language degree can be a kink in your career. It helps you grow mentally, socially and morally. It will give an overall boost to your personality.

“If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world.”

‒Ludwig Wittgenstein

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  1. I am a German and Spanish speaker.

    I want make career in media. Could you please suggest where and how should I apply for this.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Hallo! First of all thanks to those who opened this platform for people like me. My self Yatin and I am a Chemistry graduate from Dyal Singh College DU. I am currently learning Deutch German language from MAX MULLER BHAVAN Delhi. My only confusion is that is it true that foreign language alone doesn’t matter as compared to when we have it another professional degree.? What are those fields where I can apply as both Language as well as chemistry expert?

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