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7 Simple and Light Brain Foods for Studying Well

Brain Food For Studying

Feel a lot more drowsy around books?

Find your focus the most scattered while studying?

Ever wondered why?

It is somewhere because of the food you eat. Imbalanced diet causes your body to feel lethargic and your mind inactive.

“Adequate nutrition can raise your productivity levels by 20 percent on average.” WHO

Among the many factors that affect your focus negatively, some are stress, dehydration, sleep deprivation and a low-fat diet.


Well, you should be. Your busy schedules leave you no time to think seriously about your nutrient intake. Especially when you are studying for an important exam, you are probably at the farthest from healthy eating.

This is mostly because you never knew how healthy eating can lead you to better grades.

And reaping these benefits doesn’t require a major change in your diet. If you can add two or three of the foods mentioned below to your everyday diet, you will do a lot better than now.

So, let’s check out the foods that can help you study with full focus and improve your brain power. Here are the brain foods for studying that helps increasing memory power, alertness, and focus.

Brain Food For Studying

  1. Raw Fruits & Vegetables
  2. Nuts
  3. Whole Grains
  4. Egg
  5. Broccoli
  6. Milk
  7. Black Coffee
  • Eat But Don’t Always Cook

Raw fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of fibre, a type of carbohydrate.

Consumption of uncooked fruits and vegetables helps in proper digestion. The presence of fiber makes you feel full and keeps you at a distance from junk food.

The best time to take raw fruits and vegetables is at least an hour before your meals. Avoid taking them in the late evening.

  • Let Nuts Stop You from Going Nuts

Nuts are known to be high in Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

Depression and anxiety are some of the most common problems while studying. Especially when an exam is around the corner. And if you do not want to go nuts, you might have to chew a fistful of nuts every day. Research shows that Omega-3 fatty acids help fight depression and anxiety.

And fiber, as discussed earlier, helps you maintain a distance from unhealthy eatings.

  • Whole Grains Mean Happy Brains

The health benefits of whole grains are somewhat the same as that of nuts and raw fruits and veggies. Whole grains are an enviable source of fiber.

Whole grain food can be consumed in many forms. Breads, popcorns, pasta or macaroni and oats are some of the things that can be easily added to your everyday diet.

Not only this!

Whole grains stimulate the blood circulation in the body. It makes your brain more active, alert and absolutely fit for a rigorous study session.

  • An Egg A Day Keeps Laziness at Bay

Eggs: Best brain food for studying

Source: Huffington Post

The high-quality protein available in eggs revitalizes your brain and makes it more attentive.  The another important nutrient present in eggs is choline. Choline is essential for the functioning of brains.

Aren’t these reasons enough to make one or two eggs a part of your breakfast?

However, taking too many eggs might produce the opposite effect. Eggs are also a good source of bad cholesterol. So don’t forget to keep a check on the number of eggs you have each day.

  • Aroma of Black Coffee Always Brings You Back to Energy

Coffee is not a food. Of course not.

But can’t we be a bit liberal? Because this favorite beverage has the potential to give tough competition to all the other foods on our list.

Coffee has many scientific benefits that can make your studies better. Its aroma instantly cheers up your mood. The amount of caffeine present in it boosts your energy and memory power. It reduces depression and makes you happier.

However, the sad part is that to derive maximum benefits from coffee, you got to chuck milk. Bad? Sorry, but there is another bad news. To make the most of your cup of coffee, forget all about sugar and creams.

Yes! That’s right.

No milk. No sugar. No creams.

Just hot water and coffee.

It might be hard at the beginning but if you go about it a few days, you will get used to it and in fact, you’ll get addicted to black coffee.

The best part about coffee?

While other items on the list might take a while before showing their effects, coffee, on the other hand, is an instant energizer.

  • Go Green! Buy Broccoli!

As reported by Telegraph, Broccoli provides your body with two vital nutrients, i.e. Vitamin K and Choline. While Choline strengthens your memory, Vitamin K boosts cognitive abilities. Besides, the presence of folic acid in this green veggie cheers up your mood.

The healthiest way (not tastiest, though) is to have steamed broccolis. If you cannot at all chew and swallow steamed broccoli, add it to your pasta recipe, or roast it and sprinkle some salt and black pepper.

  • Treat Your Mind with Every Nutrient it Needs. Have Milk!

Milk is called a complete food for a reason.

Proteins, minerals, calcium, fiber, and vitamins, milk is what you need if you do not want to miss out on any of them.

To talk about the specific benefits: Warm milk is the way to a good night sleep. And do I need to tell you that a sound sleep is what you need for a vibrant morning?

So if you want to wake up with a zeal to work hard, gulp down a glass of warm milk, at least half an hour before you sleep.

That said, it is not only warm milk that comes to your rescue, but even cold milk also has its advantages. Drinking raw milk, preferably in the morning, keeps you hydrated all day long. It is especially advisable to drink cold milk, at least once a day, in summers.

Add these foods to your everyday routine and see your productivity shoot to new levels.

But if you are going to add all of these brain food for stdying to your diet at once, you might give up on healthy eating quite soon. To reap the maximum benefits, just choose any one of the brain foods, and you try to stick with them for longer, the others can be included in your diet gradually.

Here are a few tips to help you focus on your studies better.

Hope the information makes a difference in your grades. Break a Leg!

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