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8 Best Ways To Find A Job: Quick & Easy

8 Best Ways To Find A Job (1)

When I talk to someone about how to find a job, we often discuss the marketplace of the job hunters and employers. Leading to the mixed exchanged views that sometimes leave me more confused.

I know how exhausting it is to find a job today, especially of your related interest and skills. Sometimes we feel that we need help finding a job, sometimes every help seems vague and unsatisfactory. 

Irrespective of what according to you is the best way to find a job, you should always be aware of the changes in job search pattern. It is imperative to stay acquainted with the changes that prevail in the market.

For instance- Unlike the previous times, employers now look for a lot of things while recruiting a candidate. Also, you need to have one or more X factor to get the desired job. After head hunting a job for months, I realized that there are many things that one should keep in mind while looking for a job.

Believe me that there’s neither the best way to find a job, nor a perfect answer to the question- how to find a job. The way and answer to this question differs from person to person and job to job.

Therefore, I would want the readers of Edunuts Edge to struggle less. So, here I have come with a few tips that’ll help you find a job. They are simple yet important to help you get the desired job.

So, read on and find your best way to find a job.

  • Start Searching On The Right Time

According to a survey by Jobvite, Seventy-one percent of workers are either actively looking or interested in finding a new position. 

While looking for a job you must keep one thing in your mind, you need to search at the right time, otherwise, you leave spending a lot more time than expected. Spend some time researching about when the companies you wish to get associated with, calls in for applications.

“The substantial months when companies hire are January – February, and late September – October,”

  • Update Your Professional Social Media Platform

Update Your Professional Social Media Platform to find a best job

Before applying for any job  update all your social media professional platforms and online connections. These days recruiters keep a watch on the online social platforms. This helps them know a little bit more about the potential candidates.

Watch out and maintain your social media activity. Positive online reputations matter. A strong online reputation influences the chances of getting recruited to a great extent.

  • Take Your Resume Seriously

Your resume is the first thing seen by the hiring managers. The resume and the format is a must check before applying to any job in any company. The format of the resume should be proper. It should engage your reader, carry enough information about your credibility, and information about what you have done so far.

Should include your achievements and experiences.

I know resume don’t get you the job, but it gets you the interview, the most important step of the ladder and from then it’s on you, how you carry things forward.

  • A Little Blabbering About Your Skills And Achievements Is Helpful

Because being generic won’t do you any good. You need to present a proper and clear image of what are your fields of interest along with the qualities you possess. You should always be upfront and clear about the kind of job profile you want, as there are too many profiles you may get hitched up with just because you are confused.

The straight mindset clears the jumbled path and makes your way clear to your goal.

You must present your achievements specifically. And even if you are a fresher mention what have you done in college. It’s helpful to quantify your accomplishments.

Like, don’t just say you transcribed an important interview for the college magazine, but say that you transcribed the interview of the college principal for the annual magazine of your senior college and got a special mention.

  • Let People Know You Are Looking For A Job

This one’s being the most important. Doing all the research and calling out companies, and dropping out emails and posting resumes is to be looked forward positively to get in somewhere good.

Communication is the key to everything, do that. Talk to people you know and let them know that you are looking for a job in this particular field, maybe there’s a position somewhere that isn’t being posted online, but is something you really want. See, you never know when the swipes get matched and form a perfect combination out of what you have been looking forward to all this while.

  • Employers Only Care About Something That Benefits Them

Yes, these days it’s more about skills you possess than anything else. The years past, a resume or job application was always focused on the job seeker’s needs and experience. Nothing more or less would be considered adding from either of the side. This is not true any more.

These days employer would be more interested in a candidate who is open to all the possibilities, with the knack of offering the best to the company and they want what they want.

So, you must add how you would benefit the company and help to demonstrate.

  • Attend Job Fairs

Making lists of the job fairs and attending them is a better way to find the companies and alternatives you are looking for with executive added options.

Write down any questions about the online application form, Interview process of the companies your are interested in, and about employer’s products or services.

Do your homework and research the employer’s History,Goals, Management style.  Manage your time to be flexible and on time Informational Interview to gain knowledge from others, Prepare for more than you think you will need because you may get to meet the right employer you have been looking forward to working with.

  • Volunteer

Volunteering is one of the best way to grow your network of influential people and let others see your ability to do something in action, so that they remember you.

Don’t ever volunteer for the sake of volunteering. Always modulate in when needed and offer to assist whenever the someone needs a hand.

This could convince the concerned person to refer you a job or anywhere else they work. Doing good work as a volunteer could lead to someone doing something very, very good for you and definitely improve you as a human.

I hope the following mentions are helpful and will keep you abide while you look for a job.

All the best!

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