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Best Foreign Language Learning Resources

Best Foreign Language Learning Resources

We have all heard that learning a new language is great.

Language skills adorn your resume. They help you explore new cultures. They make your travel experiences smoother. They make you more confident and expressive. And in this time of globalization, they augment your chances of getting a job in an exotic location.

Though language learning has ample of advantages, the amount of time and efforts required stops us from embarking on this voyage.

Traditional classrooms don’t suit us all. Some cannot afford the time and some money.

And if you are among those who cannot afford the time and/or money to attend the traditional language learning courses, I have good news for you.

There is an abundance of online resources for language learning. With these foreign language learning resources, you can not only learn but also master a language.

And can you guess the best part?

They are free.

Also, the time you need to spend with these online resources will be as per your convenience. And if you are determined to spare even 20-30 minutes each day, you will do great. Only, you will have to be consistent.

So, here, to help you start your language learning journey, I have mentioned some brilliantly awesome apps, TV series, and free online courses. In this article, I have covered the five top foreign languages: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

Ready to start your journey? Check out these fantastic foreign language learning resources and start learning now.

  1. Resources To Learn Spanish/Español

Spanish, being the official language of over 20 countries, is an incredible option. The language has a simple grammar and its vocabulary is quite similar to that of English.

Spanish Language

So, if you have already aced English, Spanish won’t be a hard nut to crack.

Some of the best apps to learn Spanish:

Some great T.V. shows to learn Spanish:

Some free online courses:

  1. Resources To Learn German/Deutsch 

Contrary to the common belief, German is a simple language to learn. German characters are same as English characters. So, while learning German, you will only need to learn a few more letters.

German Language

German syntax is easier than French, Chinese, and Japanese. German grammar is a lot similar to that of English. As Germany is the land of scientists, German is the most common scientific language.

Besides, you can always use a few shortcuts to learn this beautiful language.

Some of the best apps to learn German:

Some great T.V. shows to learn German:

Some free online courses to learn German:

  1. Resources To Learn French/Français

French is the official language of over 40 countries. It has a lot in common with English. Not only similar alphabets but also related words. So, we English speakers will enjoy an edge while learning French.

Already now Spanish? You will find learning French quite easy. And vice-versa.

French Language

French is the official language of many international organizations including FIFA, UN, ISO, and NATO.

Apart from that, France is one of the hottest exotic travel destinations. So, if the much popular travel bug has hit you too, you cannot escape learning French.

Some of the best apps to learn French:

Some great T.V. shows to learn French:

  • Fais pas ci, Fais pas ça
  • Engrenages
  • Braquo
  • Les Revenants
  • Kaamelott

Some free online courses to learn French:

  1. Resources To Learn Mandarin Chinese/


Chinese is the world’s most widely spoken language. Yeah! You have heard about it like thousand times.

But there are many other reasons for you to start learning this language.

Chinese Language

Chinese and English come from entirely different language roots. And Chinese comprises a total of 80000 characters. Probably this fact scares away English speakers from learning Chinese.

However, Chinese speakers present an entirely different stance to this picture. According to them: Chinese is, in fact, an easy language to learn. It has a simpler Grammar than many other languages (including English). The language doesn’t have different forms for masculine & feminine, and singular & plural. Besides, the tenses are also quite simpler.

Some of the best apps to learn Mandarin Chinese:

Some great T.V. shows to learn Mandarin Chinese:

Some free online courses to learn Mandarin Chinese:

  1. Resources To Learn Japanese/日本語

Japanese is another language that is perceived to be quite difficult to learn. However, you will face the biggest difficulty while learning the Japanese characters.

And once you get hold of the characters, you will realize the language is not that difficult. The language has no gender of nouns, no articles, and no singular and plural. Doesn’t that uncomplicate a lot of things?

The reasons to start learning this language are many. Japan is among the top 10 technologically advanced nations. The nation is well developed and it creates job opportunities for people from around the world. So, if you fancy working in a foreign country, why not consider Japan? Only you will have to learn Japanese for that.

Japanese shows like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and Naruto are famous worldwide. The shows are a hit even among the US audience. And while translating these shows to English, a lot is lost. So, learning Japanese is sure going to help you relish the originality of these shows.

Need more reasons to learn Japanese?

  • The 2020 summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo, Japan. If you have any plans of going there, learn Japanese.
  • The language is 9th most widely spoken language in the world.
  • Approximately 10% of the total population using the internet is estimated to be Japanese.
  • Learning Japanese will help you learn another favorite language: Korean.

Some of the best apps to learn Japanese:

Some great T.V. shows to learn Japanese:

  • It’s okay to laugh!
  • Why Did You Come to Japan?
  • Laugh and be patient
  • Genius! Shimura Zoo
  • The class that you want to take most in the world

Some free online courses to learn Japanese:

Now you have enough resources to at least start learning a new language.

All you need now is to take that first step, set small goals, stay consistent, and enjoy the journey.

Good Luck! Happy language learning:)

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