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Best After Graduation Courses for Arts Students

Best After Graduation Courses for Arts Students

The belief that Humanities/Arts stream is confined to academically weak students is facing a gradual shift. Now, people are considering this field with a different perspective, which is both refreshing and reassuring.

 A survey conducted, in 2015, on 36000 students (across nine cities) claims that 74% of these students aspired to pursue a career in Humanities.

Watch this video to know how choosing Arts does not obstruct your career growth.

Career options in arts stream are so dynamic that you can be anything from an artist to a politician.

However, to build a promising career in this stream, getting specialized knowledge is important, which at an undergraduate level is quite not possible.

Therefore, pursuing a specialized course after graduation is recommendable to have a deeper insight into the subject and to broaden the horizon of job opportunities.

So if you, too, are jostling to choose the best course after your graduation in Arts. This article might help.

Here, I have mentioned the list of best after graduation courses for Arts students.

  • Masters in Arts (M.A.)

Below mentioned are some of the MA courses that students can choose after graduation in Arts. One can choose a course depending upon the subject s/he wish to specialize in.

  1. M.A. in Education
  2. M.A. in History
  3. M.A. in English
  4. M.A. in Philosophy
  5. M.A. in Psychology
  6. M.A. in Hindi
  7. M.A. in Economics
  8. M.A. in Political Science
  9. M.A. in Sociology
  10. M.A. in Sanskrit
  11. M.A. in Tourism & Heritage Management
  12. M.A. in Society & Culture
  13. M.A. in Geography & Geology
  14. M.A. in Archeology
  15. M.A. in Astrology
  16. M.A. in Public Administration
  17. M.A. in Creative Writing
  18. M.A. in Creative Arts
  19. M.A. in Politics
  20. M.A. in Media & Television
  21. M.A. in Performing Arts
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Another option in the list is Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Below, I have mentioned the specializations available in this post-graduate program.

  1. MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. MBA in MBA in Economics
  3. MBA in Entrepreneurship
  4. MBA in Healthcare
  5. MBA in Human Resource
  6. MBA in International Businesses
  7. MBA in Marketing
  8. MBA in Hospitality Management
  9. MBA in retail management
  10. MBA in Economics
  11. MBA in Logistics
  12. MBA in Finance
  13. MBA in Communications
  14. MBA in e-Business
  15. MBA in e-Commerce
  16. MBA in Operations Management
  17. MBA in Sales & Marketing
  18. MBA in Banking & Finance
  19. MBA in Financial Market
  20. MBA in Administrative Management
  • Masters in Fine Arts (MFA)

An MFA student studies about visual and performing arts. Candidates with BFA (Bachelor’s in Fine Arts) degree are eligible for this course.

Some of the specializations in this program are mentioned below:

  1. Acting, Theater, and Stage management
  2. Ceramics
  3. Creative writing and Dramatic writing
  4. Drawing and Illustration
  5. Painting and Sculpture
  • Masters in Design (M.Design)

  1. Product Design
  2. Transportation Design
  3. Furniture and Interior Design
  4. Ceramic & Glass Design
  5. Toy Design and Development
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Animation Film Design
  8. Film & Video Communication
  9. Exhibition Design
  10. New Media Design
  11. Software and User Interface Design
  12. Information and Digital Design
  13. Textile and Apparel Design
  14. Apparel Design and Merchandising
  15. Lifestyle Accessory Design
  16. Strategic Design Management
  • Other Courses After Graduation in Arts

  1. LLB
  2. MSW
  3. CS
  4. CA
  5. Foreign Language courses
  6. B.Ed.
  7. Bachelor of Library Sciences (B.Lib.Sc./B.Lib.)

So, these were the best after graduation courses for the arts students. You can choose any of them depending on your interest, eligibility requirements, and the career you wish to have in the future.

Remember that what subjects you choose after graduation plays a major role. So, spending a considerable amount of time in analyzing the following factors is essential:

  • Explore your interests: think about your specialization (the subject you will choose for your masters).
  • Scope: research well about the career prospects of your course.
  • Go in quest for the best college: look for the best colleges from where you’ll pursue your masters.
  • Study the curriculum thoroughly: whether that college offers substantial exposure or not. Check the course structure.
  • Set your priorities: whether you should go for correspondence degree with a job or go for a regular degree. Make a choice.

All this will affect your career in the long run. So, irrespective of how evident it seems for you to go for a particular course, do take the above things into consideration.

Evaluating the above factors will ensure that you have made a wise choice. Besides, it will give you a clarity of what you expect from your future.

Once you are through with this stage, kickstart your further studies with full zest and zeal.

Good Luck! 🙂

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  1. Sir, after completion b a with geography, police science, history, English which course required for higher education.

  2. Wonderful article!
    I have just completed my graduation in arts and was looking for what to do after graduation in arts. Here, I have found your article very good and well guided. I got to know now where should I have to go. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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