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How to Become a Digital Marketer?

Become a Digital Marketer

If you haven’t convinced yet then take a look at some facts of why you should choose a career in digital marketing.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing:

  • Digital marketing spend will increase from $200b in 2015 to $300b by 2020 according to Statista
  •  14%  of digital marketing budgets are being spent on Paid Search Campaigns
  • Average package of Digital marketer is 12 Lacs per annum

Digital Marketing is a field where one-size-fits-all doesn’t work. So, every candidate learns at its own pace.

So, Let’s get started with the steps by step guide to become a digital marketer.

There are some pre-requisites for the course so you can learn effectively:

  • A product/service
  • Knowledge of article writing
  • Patience and Zeal to learn.


And, Things which you should not worry about:

  • Being alone, no one is there to mentor. The Internet is your best friend, Use it wisely.
  • Don’t have budgets to spend on PPC campaigns.
  • You don’t have any product/ service.
  • Who will hire me even after learning so much?
  • And any other excuse which may come on your path.

Before you start learning about big modules like PPC, Marketing Techniques, Facebook Marketing, YouTube marketing etc. You should have one product/website/ brand to promote and then you can easily figure out the modules which can help to promote that particular service.


1. Find out a product/ service to promote.

Whenever you learn, you should know how and where to implement it. It is the basic requirement to learn anything effectively. That’s why I always tell students to think like an entrepreneur while learning digital marketing. Even you don’t have anything. Just simply find out an interest and start a blog on it. And that’s it. You have got a product. Your own blog which you have to promote. Start writing some helpful articles on the interest which can add value to the person who is reading it.

If you have a family business or anyone who is having a business who knows you and trusts you. Just start promoting their businesses. It will give the best ever experience. So, just do it. Don’t think much 🙂


2. Figure out which module can bring you, the first customer.

Companies do all the activities to get customers, and if you learned how to bring that customer then everything follows.

Digital marketing never works like all modules are required to promote any product/ service. It is the customer of that product which tells you that which way they like the product.

For example: If you have a blog on traveling, then you need to learn a lot about Content Marketing, SEO, Keyword Research etc. Other modules like Facebook Marketing, PPC Campaigns, Email marketing will not be required immediately.


3. Start learning modules until you get the first customer.

Once, you have figured out the modules which will help you in getting the first customer then just focus on learning those modules and implement them.

Don’t try to learn everything first and implement later on because you will be puzzled. Most of the things you’ll only understand while learning when you actually implement them in real world.

4. Have patience, Don’t get frustrated. You’ve just started.

Patience is the key. Just keep learning what went wrong and how to fix them until you achieve results. I know that it is not that easy. It is much harder than just reading or writing this article. Things always take time but don’t lose hope. You may get results in just 10 days or maybe in 10 months. If you get in 10 days then patience was not required but when it didn’t then it is required.

Usually, people start comparing themselves with others and their achievements. But believe me, everyone has a different story and different paths. So, believe in yourself and keep moving.


5. Optimize Again, Do it again.

This is the most common thing which a marketer do in their jobs. Optimizing the campaigns and waiting for results until they get the desired one. Sometimes, you need to think beyond internet and technology and start talking to people in offline meet-ups and friends etc. to find the reasons.

So, if it is not working out don’t worry. Everyone faces this problem in their early careers. You’re not alone. Just keep moving until you achieve your first user.


6. First achievement. Get more.

Wow, It is beautiful. You just achieved your first milestone of getting the first user. You’ll able to relate the feeling in a much better way when you’ll actually achieve it. But, you’ve just started.

Get more and more users and keep optimizing according to the scale. It’s a never-ending process.


7. You did it, Follow the right approach.

It all starts and ends with right objectives and right results. If your objectives are not clear and then it won’t give you any result.

If you’re thinking to do a digital marketing course and then land to a job then trust me it’s a not going to work out. But if you know the list of modules where you need experienced and professional mentors to teach you then it will definitely help you.


Resources to stay in touch of marketers:

Just keep learning and keep sharing the knowledge in the community to be in demand. To start with Join this group Digital Marketing Questions on Facebook to get help from the community.

Also, whenever you’re ready to do a professional course then here is the list of Top Digital Marketing Courses in India.

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