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B.A. Honors Psychology Course Information

B.A. Honors Psychology Course Information

Overview of B.A. Honors Psychology

B.A. Honors Philosophy is a three-year course. Philosophy is the study of fundamental and general problems associated with matters such as mind, reason, values, existence, knowledge, and language. The B.A. Honors Philosophy course focuses on Ethics and value theory, Philosophy of mind & language, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Film, Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of religion.

Why Study B.A. Honors Psychology?

There are two major reasons to study philosophy. One is basic curiosity about things that occur in our daily life and endless thoughts that arise in human minds on a daily basis.

The second reason to study B.A. Honors Philosophy is that many skills learned in philosophy touch several other subjects. Also, its methods are widely applicable to other areas of intellectual accomplishment.

Fields in B.A. Honors Psychology

Philosophy is not a single unified subject but encompasses various fields like:  Aesthetics  Epistemology  Ethics  Metaphysics  Language and philosophy of language  Philosophy of history  Philosophy of religion  Philosophy of education  Philosophy of mind  Philosophy of science  Political and legal philosophy

B.A. Honors Psychology Syllabus


Paper 1.1- Traditional Logic
– Informal Fallacies
Paper 1.2 – Elements of Indian Philosophy-I
Paper 1.3 – Concurrent – Qualifying Language


Paper 2.1- Truth Functional Logic Quantification Theory
Paper 2.2 – Elements of Indian Philosophy-II
Paper 2.3 – Concurrent – Credit Language


Paper 3.1- History of Western Philosophy-I
Paper 3.2- Option A – Social and Political Philosophy-I
Option B – Greek Philosophy-I
Paper 3.3 – Concurrent – Interdisciplinary


Paper 4.1- History of Western Philosophy-II
Paper 4.2- Option A: Social and Political Philosophy-II
Option B : Greek Philosophy-II
Paper 4.3- Ethics-I
Paper 4.4 – Concurrent – Discipline Centered I


Paper 5.1- Text of Indian Philosophy-I
Paper 5.2- Option A: Philosophy of Religion-I
Option B: Philosophy of Logic-I
Option C : Philosophy of Language-I
Option D: Philosophy of Science-I
Paper 5.3- Option A: Contemporary Philosophy-I
Option B: Aesthetics-I
Option C: Later Greek Philosophy-I
Paper 5.4- Ethics-II


Paper 6.1- Text of Indian Philosophy-II
Paper 6.2- Option A: Philosophy of Religion-II
Option B: Philosophy of Science-II
Option C : Philosophy of Language-II
Option D : Philosophy of Logic-II (Chapters 5 to 8)
Paper 6.3 – Option A : Contemporary Philosophy-II
Option B : Aesthetics-II
Option C: Later Greek Philosophy-II
Paper 6.4 – Concurrent – Discipline-Centered II

Jobs After Pursuing B.A. Honors Psychology

  • Teacher
  • Writer
  • Jobs in marketing department as PR managers
  • Journalist
  • Citizen adviser
  • Lawyer
  • Civil servant
  • Doctor of philosophy
  • Business set up


The video explains why philosophy is useful for students and also explains how philosophy is nowhere
near to boring.

Answers all questions that a student has regarding studying philosophy.

Gives information regarding the major philosophers and contributors in the field of philosophy that one
is going to study about in college.

philosophy seems to be a vast subject and students are generally confused about the starting point of
their study of the subject. This video answers all such questions.

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