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B.A. Honors Mathematics Course Information

B.A. Honors Mathematics Course Information

Overview of B.A. Honors Mathematics

B.A. Honors Mathematics is the perfect course for those having a flair for solving numerical problems and love for numbers. It is a three year degree course that deals with the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. Students learn to seek out patterns and formulate new conjectures. It is a course for those who possess good organizational skills and believe in methodological working.

Why Study B.A. Honors Mathematics?

B.A. Honors Mathematics develops the art of quantitative reasoning and problem solving. It teaches to break complex issues into smaller manageable forms. Also, mathematics has a wide scope in fields like engineering, IT, economics, and finance areas. And most importantly mathematics teaches us that all problems have solutions no matter how they seem to be from a distance.

Fields in B.A. Honors Mathematics

The various subject matters covered under this course are:

  1. Algebra
  2. Geometry
  3. Biomathematics
  4. Complex dynamics and analysis
  5. Differential equations
  6. Fluid mechanics
  7. Matrix
  8. Calculus
  9. Real analysis
  10. Theory of real functions

Syllabus of B.A. Honors Mathematics


Semester 1 Paper 1- calculus 1

Paper 2 –algebra 1

Paper 3 – analysis 1

Paper 4-concurrent credit course 1

Semester 2 Paper 5 –differential equation 1

Paper6 –analysis 2

Paper 7 –probability and statistics

Paper 8 –concurrent credit course 2

Semester 3 Paper 9 –calculus 2

Paper 10 –algebra2

Paper 11 – num. methods

Paper 12 –concurrent qualifying course

Semester 4 Paper 13 –analysis 3

Paper 14 –algebra 3

Paper 15 – differential equations 2

Paper 16 – concurrent credit course 3. I

Semester 5 Paper 17 – differential equations 3

Paper 18 –algebra 4

Paper 19 – analysis 4

Paper 20-linear programming


Semester 6 Paper 21 – analysis 5

Paper 22- algebra 5

Paper 23 – optional course

Paper 24 – concurrent credit course 3.II

Jobs After Pursuing B.A. Honors Mathematics

  • Lecturer
  • Teacher
  • Researcher
  • MBA
  • Banking
  • Data analyst
  • CA
  • Military operations
  • Marketing analyst


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