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‘B.A. Programme is for Losers’ – Think Again!

Maybe it is the unbelievably low cut-offs, or maybe the fact that students of this course are mostly visible in the canteen, but B.A. Programme has always been considered a step-child in DU. Parents would probably never want B.A. Programme to be the first choice of their kids, for apparently an ‘Honours’ course is much better. Considering the fact that, I myself, took up this course, solely because I was getting a top North Campus college, I went around and did a little experiment. I asked some science students in my college about what they thought of this course. The answers ranged from ‘Never heard of it‘ to ‘Students who want to enjoy college and not study take up B.A. Programme‘. Since my choice has always been under such scrutiny, I decided, that the fate of the course was in my minds. It was upto me to rescue the ignorant minds from false notions and untrue perceptions that have perpetuated for years. As much as I would like to put myself in a superhero’s shoes, this article is just a simple attempt to help you understand what compromises B.A. Programme!


Low Cut-offs see a large number of applications for B.A. Programme. (Image Source: hindustantimes.com)

First off, please do not assume that the course ONLY attracts students who couldn’t get admission elsewhere. This is not a second choice for a lot of students, and several high-scorers end up in B.A. Programme. Blasphemy, you say? Nah. Simple logic. Only a few people realise that B.A. Programme is the best course to prepare for UPSC exams. Students get to study  a wide variety of subjects, included history and political science.

What’s more? Students go onto appear for CAT, Law, Civil Services, Mass Communication, MBA, Armed Forced and virtually every field, since it exposes one to such a variety of subjects. For instance, in the first year Hindi and English, along with two major subjects form the core subjects. But in the second year, English is replaced by Human Rights, Contemporary India or Literature and Languages in India as the third subject for two semesters. Students choose the subject he/she is interested in and students of this course often end up deciding their interests and their specialization of further studies amid these experimentation.


The course is a gateway to multiple careers. (Image Source: amplify.com)

Since the classes aren’t as hectic as any other course, one also gets enough time to go for various internships and enhance their skill level. Don’t be mistaken, as landing a job is as easy/difficult after any other course. However, all of that being said, the course does get all kinds of students, since the cut-off percentage is low. A lot of these students might not have academics as their numero uno priority, case in point being that fact that maximum contenders in the student-body elections happen to be from B.A. Programme. However, to paint every single student in the same brush-stroke wouldn’t be correct. I can vouch for it personally, since I have been studying the course for almost two years now.

The saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover‘, can aptly be used to describe the course, and anyone who gets the wrong idea of the students who study this course, needs to seriously understand the kind of diversity, flexibility and learning it has to offer.

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