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All hail the Entrepreneur

Does your indomitable spirit fail to fit in the confines of a small cubicle? Do you firmly believe that you are here to furnish a larger purpose? Do you think that your potential to innovate and create will eventually ebb away in performing the same tasks day in and day out? Do you have the spirit of an entrepreneur?

The field of entrepreneurship is tainted with risks and ambiguities.  Starting a company requires unrelenting hard-work, laser focus and an ability to accept failures and to learn from them, only to rise stronger than ever before. An entrepreneur should thrive on risks, since the market is a riveting roller coaster, oscillating between success and failure.

Here are some tips for all the young students who wish to be an entrepreneur out there:



An entrepreneur needs oodles and oodles of passion to tap into a profitable market. If you want to make it big, make passion an essential item of your toolkit. If you love the idea that you have set out to materialize, the long hours won’t seem long anymore and no amount of hardships will take a toll on your spirit.



If you have chosen the path of entrepreneurship because the idea of toiling for years to climb up the ladder of hierarchy is unappealing to you, then fear shouldn’t be a roadblock.  Get rid of all apprehensions and make the most of all the opportunities that come your way. The autonomy that comes with entrepreneurship can leave you petrified, but it also makes you the writer of your own financial destiny. Make the best of the market opportunities, tap into the field which have the potential and avail the first mover advantage. Don’t let fear be a factor.


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Build a team which is just as passionate for your business as you are. In the case of entrepreneurship, will trumps experience. Your team needs to believe in the product no matter how bizarre it is, appreciate its quirks and commit itself to take the business to the highest of echelons. If your team is committed, your workplace will be a breeding ground for ideas, where vigor and energy are infectious.



The key to finding success in entrepreneurship is to create a product which is tailored to suit the needs of the customer. Customer satisfaction shouldn’t be compromised on in the least. It may be vexing and expensive to create a 100% satisfaction experience for the customer in the very start, and you may not be competing with the biggies at the moment, but it’s important to always keep the destination in mind. If you wish to carve a niche for your product in the market, make sure that your goodwill is unmatched.



Contrary to popular belief, an entrepreneur cannot enjoy the comforts of solitude. He/she has to be well networked to ensure that the product offered by him/her is launched in the best possible way and has a great reach. All aspects of entrepreneurship, right from funding to research and development call for a well networked organization.

So what are you all waiting for? Let the horses of your imagination run wild. Create a dream, and strive to achieve it. There is no stopping you.

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