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9 Body Language Tips To Develop A Good Personality

9 Body Language Tips

If a stranger has just entered the room, what would be your first impression on him?

Will he come and talk to you or someone else will steal that attention?

If the room is a bit crowded, would that person even notice you?

Too many questions. Right?

If your answer is somewhat negative, never mind. Because, as the title explains, here, you’ll get certain practical body language tips that’ll make you attractive and agreeable, in no time.

Body language is a critical part of our personality. And it’s so powerful and impactful that it often overpowers our words. Keeping in view its importance and impact on our personality, here I have shared with you 9 Body Language Tips To Make You Likeable Instantly.

“Let your body tell you you’re powerful and deserving, and you become more present, enthusiastic and authentically yourself.” – Amy Cuddy

Find out the most actionable body language tips below, make them a part of your daily life, and enjoy all the attention you get.

  1. Kill It With Your Smile

Smile - Body Language Tips

Okay, let me explain you the impact of that curve on your face with one of my own experiences.

It’s been a long time since I finished my schooling, but I still remember my English teacher.

You know why?

All because of the charm her smiling face had.  And as I am talking about her, I can see the flashes of her smiling face in front of me. So prominent, as if, I just met her. And that’s the power of a smile.

So, if you wish to become an attractive person, maintain that smile on your face. It’s not that you should smile at every person that you come across, or they’ll start questioning your sanity. But, it costs nothing, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use it more than often.

  1. Stand Straight And Confident But Don’t Be Rigid

Yes, the obvious one.

We are talking about body language tips so how can we miss out body posture. A lot of people, including you and me never pay much attention to this small habit. We take it for granted. But, if you really wanna look attractive, correcting your body language is as important as putting on fancy clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup.

The little things that you can add and modify in your body posture are- keep your back erect, keep your shoulders aligned with your torso, and don’t cross your legs and arms.

Maintain this posture but keep your body relaxed. Don’t strain too much that it looks effortful and pretentious.

  1. Yes Your Hands Have The Role To Play Too

Say “Yes” to handshakes. Whenever you greet someone, shake hands. Useless to mention, it’s a great friendly gesture. But, make sure that it leaves an impact. It has to be a combination of gentle and firm.

Yes Your Hands Have The Role To Play Too

While you hold someone’s hand, maintain a grip that you’ll have while holding the handle of a heavy pan, but don’t be too harsh. Also, make an eye contact along with a smile.

  1. Look Into The Eyes, But Don’t Glare

Spread the magic through your charismatic eyes. 😛

Look Into The Eyes, But Don’t Glare

Just Kidding!

No, I am, certainly, not asking you to learn some black magic or hypnotising skills. All I mean is- MAINTAIN AN EYE CONTACT.

Look right into the other person’s eyes but don’t make it a bland stare that makes them conscious. Instead, have a proper balance between your words and eye contact. It will signify that you are:

Also, don’t break the contact as soon as the conversation ends. Keep it gradual and not abrupt.

  1. Signify Trust And Comfort With Your Stance

Did you ever notice your posture when you’re with your buddies?

Isn’t it comforting and relaxing?

And that moment when you are sharing a secret, it’s not their words but gestures and body language that proffer more trust.

No, it’s not that you have to be friends with all of them, but it’s about keeping your stance open.

How to do that?

It’s clear and known already that your body speaks more than your words. So, use it wisely to avoid any negative impression on the other person. Therefore, stick to the following body positioning tips while you talk to somebody. This will surely keep the person motivated to be in conversation with you.

  • Angle your body towards the person you are talking to.
  • Don’t lean against any object or it will show your disinterest and passivity.
  • Don’t cross your arms or slouch.
  • Turn completely towards the person you are talking to.
  • Turn your toes towards the person you are talking to, or else it will give an indication that you are not completely into the conversation.
  • Look into their eyes and try reading the emotions they are (must be) going through.
  1. Dress Up Well

Needless to say, but the way we dress plays a major role in what impact we leave on others.

Our clothes significantly affect that how we and others perceive us. Dressing well is not about wearing the trendiest outfit. It’s about looking and feeling good, staying self-assured and poised in any situation.

Your attire immensely affects your confidence and your impression on others.

So, set your personal style, dress well for the occasion, and choose the dresses that make you feel comfortable and confident.

  1. Don’t Be A Bundle of Nerves

Whatever you speak or express through your words-if it does not comply with your body language, it isn’t impactful.

All I want to say here is that STOP FIDGETING.

But, what fidgeting really is?

Whenever we are nervous or anxious we all pacify with some type of self-touching, nonverbal behaviour such as,

  • rubbing our hands together
  • play with our jewelry,
  • twirling hair,
  • stamping feet on the floor,
  • biting nails, and so on.

So, if you catch yourself indulged in any such activity, STOP RIGHT AWAY.

Instead, take a deep breath, place your feet firmly on the floor, hands on your lap (by your side, if standing), and be still. Stillness sends a signal that you’re calm and confident. Also, it does not distract other person’s attention.

  1. Monitor Your Speaking Tone

Along with what you are saying, how you are saying it, also matters. Yes, voice too has a role to play. 

Monitor Your Speaking Tone

For instance: You went for an interview, but couldn’t crack it as you were too loud and carefree during the interaction. Despite that you gave more correct answers, your friend (who prepared less) got the job. It happened all because of the way you spoke. While he maintained a confident but gentle and low tone, you were loud, casual, and way too carefree in your tone.

So, irrespective of all your answers were correct; your friend got the job. It all happened because of the tone. So, other than your non-verbal aspects, do keep a check on your voice.

  1. Cut The Physical Barriers

Imagine you talking to your friend and you are constantly distracted with his coffee mug.

Isn’t it annoying that every time you look towards his face and the mug interrupts?

Uhh! It is indeed.

So while working on your body and personality, pay attention to the things around you as well. It has been seen that these barriers are great disturbing elements and lessens your impact on the other person.

Next time, stay alert and expose yourself to others as much as possible. As i read somewhere- position yourself in a “vulnerable way” while you talk. This signifies your trust, comfort, and interest in the conversation.

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  1. Yes you are exactly right about this just by answering the questions correctly you will not get the job in hand. There are lots of things other than just preparing the answers for the interview and one of them is body language. If your body gestures are not assertive then it will add as a bad impression about you.so thanks a lot for this wonderful article.

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