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6 Thought-Provoking Career Strategies For Women

Career Strategies for Women

Though I am disheartened to see how women are held back from pursuing a career of their choice in many parts of the world, I am thrilled by the success they are achieving in many other parts of the world. Today, the number of successful women is more than it was a decade before.

Today, women are confident, going places, articulate, independent, and what not? I am delighted, proud, inspired and excited by seeing so many independent and talented women around. Wow! This world is certainly getting better for us.

Although the joy of being a woman comes hand-in-hand with the challenges posed by nature and society, we are undoubtedly overcoming every challenge gradually and consistently.

Now, in today’s world, every woman desires to ascend the ladder of her career, constantly. Having a successful career has become crucial for them. To help them with their career journey, I have extracted some key career strategies from the stories of many successful ladies. These strategies are vital for every woman who wishes to have a successful career.

  • Stay Confident

One confident woman can, arguably, intimidate a thousand men 😉 Jokes apart, never let the challenges, the jerks (read the people who are constantly annoying and negative), and the failures stir your confidence. Have faith in your capabilities. Especially when you are at work, never hesitate adding 2 cents on important matters. Let people know your ideas. Let people notice your good work. Participate in every discussion with your team so that they know you exist.

  • Stay Updated

Always stay updated with the latest trends in your area of work. If you are, you are more confident. Keep discussing your work related matters with your colleagues and friends. On social networking sites, follow the pages that keep posting latest happenings in your field. This world is dynamic, if you do not keep yourself updated you might lag behind.

  • Do Not Wait For Opportunities To Come; Snatch Them!

Do not be laid-back when it comes to finding opportunities. Keep your eyes and ears open. Whether it is a job or a promotion, be aware of every opportunity and grab it before anyone else. The vigilant you are the faster you grow. If you wait, chances are, by the time the opportunity comes to you it’s of no use. Or perhaps anyone else snatches it before you.

Victor Chasles said, ‘the sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity.’

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  • Give Yourself More Time

Recently, I read this article on why I should be spending more time with me on Psychology Today. It says solitude is as important as your other day-to-day activities. Sometimes, in the hussle and bussle of our daily life we forget what we actually want from this life. Our busy schedule spares us with no time to figure out our long-term objectives.

Just how this article suggested, I started waking up 10 minutes before my usual time. I kept those 10 minutes for myself. No phone. No work. No anyone else. Just me. This has been a good experience, so far. It helps me concentrate better. I feel more sorted. And at work, I am more productive and satisfied. The things that stayed on the backlog of my mind, are somewhat managed now.

  • Decide For Yourself

Seeking advice is a good idea. But, do not let others decide for you. Even if it’s your beloved family. Make your decisions yourself. Take the responsibility for your failures. If you feel any risk is worth taking, take it. If you do not, do not. Do what you feel is right.

No one else can feel what you want from your life, the way you do.

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  • Talk To More And More People

Talk to as much people as you can. Talking to people with different traits and interests opens our mind. It gives us a different perspective. Besides having more contacts leads to a faster career growth. Help whoever seeks it from you. Share your knowledge and tell people about your skills. And listen to what they have to share.

‘Communication-the human connection-is the key to personal and career success.’ said Paul J. Meyer

These career strategies are critical to your career growth. Following them would lead you to a better professional life, and in turn, a better personal life. Though being successful majorly depends on your talent, and hard work, these strategies only stimulate the pace of your growth. Whether you are a teacher or a writer, a model or a reporter these strategies will add wings to your career.

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